Spring Market featuring Odsherred

Discover a bounty of delicious produce from the unique rolling landscapes of Odsherred at the Spring Market by the Open-Air Stage in Tivoli Gardens

Saturday, May 18, 2024

At 11:00

The Gardens

During the Tivoli Food Festival, the Spring Market celebrates the extraordinary ingredients and passionate producers that give each Danish region its unique culinary identity.

Embark on a delicious journey through Denmark's diverse regional cuisine. Explore a vibrant array of local specialties, ready to sample on the spot or take home to savour.

Savour delectable dulce seaweed and vegetables grown in the fertile soils of Lammefjorden, an area reclaimed from the sea, to tempting baked goods, aromatic coffee, and a variety of pickled delicacies.

Meet both long-established producers and innovative food entrepreneurs who passionately shape the region’s evolving culinary scene. Odsherred’s UNESCO Geopark moraine landscapes inspire a truly remarkable food culture: wines cultivated on glacial slopes, vegetables flourishing on ancient seabed, seaweed harvested from three coasts, and a constant flow of new culinary creations.

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