Summer Classics 2024 is here! Thursday Classical lets you revel in magnificent performances featuring the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil alongside renowned international soloists and conductors. The concert series Star Pianists offers a captivating lineup of the world's finest solo pianists. Stellar Moments Festival lets you witness a constellation of classical superstars. 

Open-Air Stage Concerts share the magic of classical music with you on summer Sundays. Guest Concerts let you discover the brilliance of selected Danish orchestras. The Con Amore Festival celebrates Denmark’s finest amateur ensembles and choirs at the Tivoli Concert Hall – all with free admission for visitor to Tivoli Gardens.

Learn more about the concert series below.

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Highlights from Summer Classical 2023

Photo: Tivoli, Camilla Winther, Ida Guldbæk Arentsen

The Tivoli Orchestra

Tivoli Copenhagen Phil

As of 2016, the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra is changing its name to the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil. The orchestra encompasses over 70 permanent musicians. 

In the summer, the orchestra plays in the Tivoli Concert Hall as part of the Summer Classic – while in winter, under the name “Copenhagen Phil”, it plays in the concert hall at the Royal Danish Academy of Music on Rosenørns Allé, as well as touring both in Denmark and abroad.

Ever since Tivoli opened in 1843, music has been an important part of its DNA. Founder Georg Carstensen quickly employed H.C. Lumbye to manage the musical side of things. It was hugely popular right from the outset, and the orchestra soon grew from 22 string players to a regular – if still small – symphony orchestra of 33 musicians.

Its repertoire was the newest music from Vienna – and Lumbye’s own compositions – but entire symphonies were gradually added to the programme. When Lumbye died in 1874, new conductors arrived with new ambitions. The orchestra carried on improving in quality, and new and exciting composers were added to the bill, including Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky, who played with the orchestra at the start of the new century.

During this period, it also became clear that the original concert hall was too small for the orchestral concerts, and a new, larger hall was built to seat 1500 people. Unfortunately it was bombed by the Germans in 1944 – and replaced by the existing concert hall in 1955.
During this period, the orchestra played once more in the Glass Hall Theatre – while also working tirelessly to gain year-round status. In 1965, the model that is still used today was achieved: a regional orchestra in the winter (the Copenhagen Phil), and the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil in the summer.
Until the 2016 season, the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil was known as the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra. However it is now changing its name to highlight the link to the orchestra’s winter identity.


The Tivoli Concert Hall

The Tivoli Concert Hall seats around 1,800 visitors, and provides the backdrop for an extensive range of concerts, shows and events every year. Many of these events are organised by Tivoli itself, including the Summer Classic. 

The story of the Concert Hall

There has been a concert hall at Tivoli ever since it opened in 1843: the venue we now know as the Glass Hall Theatre. In 1902 a new, substantially larger concert hall opened its doors. This hall was destroyed during the Nazi bombing raids of 1944, and in 1956 it was replaced with the existing Concert Hall – at that time the biggest concert hall in Northern Europe, with around 1,800 seats.

The Concert Hall was extensively renovated in 2005, and a new entrance from the Gardens was built in the form of a glass foyer, the Rotunda. A two-storey bar was installed, along with a café, an aquarium and many other modern audience facilities.
The aquarium (the longest tropical saltwater aquarium in Northern Europe) boasts an imitation coral reef and no less than 1,600 colourful tropical fish. The aquarium can be accessed via the entrance in the Rotunda.

At the top of the Concert Hall, you can glimpse the Balanchine Lounge, a popular venue for receptions which offers wonderful views across the whole of Tivoli and the Open Air Stage.