Organic soul-pop

July 2

At 19:00

The Orangery

In her honest universe of pop melodies and soulful sensations, MALU sings about all the things that are difficult to talk about. Through her Corsican roots, she has inherited grand gestures, and, in her music, she puts her emotions completely on display. In a flirtation with organic elements and attitude, she serves her songs in a balance between nostalgia and modernism.

Behind the project lies a confrontation with her fulfillment of duty and the expectations from herself and others. In her music, MALU can flirt with her identity crisis, say "no thanks", make fun of her perfectionist ego and sing to the one she wants to be.

Despite the short time since MALU's debut, she has already been on her first tour around Denmark, and her single No Hearts has received over 1 million streams. Now she is ready to enchant the audience in Tivoli's magical surroundings.


July 2
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