19 Nov. 31 Dec.

stalls filled with christmas trinkets & delicacies

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The smell of roasted almonds…
High quality glass decorations.
The popular classics available in Denmark.
Felt shoes from Clemente are manufactured from wool and are made and sewn by hand.
The very best of Christmas..
Fresh chestnuts, imported from Italy
Delicious and classic fastfood.
Made exclusively from recycled materials.
Capture the essence of your eyes.
Beautiful and elegantly designed decorations and interior design in high quality.
Denmark's largest selection of Christmas decorations
Have a homemade Danish cookie.
Postcards, illustrations and books inspired by nature
A Danish Christmas treat for you!
No Christmas.. without churros
Decorated and tastefully arranged in beautiful premises.
Christmas food & fun
Nature's own materials..
Christmas craziness!
Freshly baked Danish specialties.
Reindeer, lamb and sheepskins.
Teddy bears galore
Traditional English cider, served both cold and hot.
Modern contemporary design.
Natural products
A large selection of Danish-produced goods.