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Let us service you so your Tivoli visit is magical. Every time.

Did you know that you can download the Tivoli app for free? That there are just as many adventures to be had in Tivoli when it is raining as when the sun is shining? And that as a Tivoli guest you can get a discount in Q-Park’s parking facilities?

Find information about all this and much much more here at this page.

  1. Transportation

    It is easy to visit Tivoli without having to drive.

    You can use public transportation and still come directly to the entrance of Tivoli, whether you take the bus, metro, or train.

    Both the Central Station (Hovedbanegården) and Vesterport Station are less than a 5-minute walk from Tivoli, which means you can enjoy your trip to Tivoli without parking worries or transportation hassles.

  2. Credit cards, payment and ATMs

    Credit Cards:

    Tivoli accepts the following payment cards:

    • Dankort
    • VISA
    • Mastercard

    Please note that Tivoli adds a charge to all credit card transactions conducted with a corporate card, "3 - party schemes" as well as cards issued outside the EU. Tivoli does not make a profit on this charge, which is duty payable to the credit card companies.

    Rates for credit cards issued in other countries:
    American Express 2,50%, Mastercard/Eurocard 2,24%, Visa 2,14%.

    Rates for credit cards issued in Denmark:
    The charge is 0.75% for all credit cards issued in Denmark.

    Please note that this does not apply to Dankort, as it is a debit card.

    Checks and foreign currency

    Cheques will be cashed according to normal bank rules upon presentation of a valid ID card. 

    Cash points / ATM
    It is possible to withdraw cash from international cards at the cashpoint/ATM at the Central Station Entrance and by the Ticket booth by the Star Flyer.

  3. First aid

    The Nurses Station is manned by trained nurses and is located near the Family Amenity Centre. If you need help, contact the Tivoli staff.

  4. Luggage Lockers

    There are luggage lockers by the Main Entrance, the Glyptotek entrance and under the ride "Demon". Prices: 70 DKK / Jumbo locker. 50 DKK / Large locker.

    Sizes of the lockers:

    Jumbo locker: H 59 cm B: 44 cm D: 75 cm

    Large locker: H 44 cm B: 32 cm D: 50 cm


    As part of the effort to improve the environment Tivoli wants to reduce the amount of waste from disposable beverage containers. All refreshment outlets therefore serve beverages only in reusable cups. 

    DKK 5 will be added to the price of the beverage as a deposit for the cup. The deposit will be reimbursed at one of Tivoli’s Reusable Cup Refund Points.

  6. Glass bottles & Alcohol

    You are not allowed to bring glass bottles into Tivoli. Neither are you allowed to bring in bottles or containers of alcoholic drinks.

  7. Lost property

    Lost property must be handed in at the Tivoli service centre by the main entrance to Tivoli Gardens. If you have lost an item, you can contact the service office at info@tivoli.dk with a description of the item and the date the item was lost. If possible, please attach a photo of the lost item.

    Items of minor value are stored for 30 days. Valuables are collected by the police every Wednesday, after which they are stored at the Copenhagen Police Lost and Found Office.

    Copenhagen Police

    Lost and Found

    1567 København V

    Phone: (+45) 38 74 88 22.

  8. Dogs

    Unfortunately, you may not take your dog with you into Tivoli. Of course, blind and partially sighted people may bring in guide dogs or service dogs. 

    See the practical information for visitors with functional impairments

  9. Entrances

    To enter Tivoli, please use the Main Entrance in Vesterbrogade, the Central Station entrance in Bernstorffsgade. 

    Re-entry If you wish to leave the Gardens and return, please use the exit through the Tivoli Food Hall where it is possible to obtain a re-entry stamp from the Tivoli staff.

    Entrance to Tivoli outside the season If you are attending a show / concert in the Glass- or Concert Hall outside season, please use the Main Entrance in Vesterbrogade.

  10. Smoking

    Tivoli is smoke-free, but our guests can find four zones for smoking. The zones are clearly marked with smoking permitted signs, marked in Tivoli's garden map, and described on Tivoli.dk. It is Tivoli's view that e-cigarettes are to equate ordinary cigarettes. Tivoli's smoking policy thus also applies to e-cigarettes.


    The Service Centre is near the Main Entrance, with the entrance from the Gardens. All visitors' enquiries are dealt with here: leaflets are available, annual cards and concert tickets are on sale, and we can give general information. The Service Centre also takes care of lost children.

  12. Toilets

    There are toilets in these places:

    • By the Glyptotek entrance – Ladies', Gentlemen's and disabled toilet
    • By Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre) entrance – Ladies', Gentlemen's and disabled toilet
    • By the Påfuglen Bistro - Ladies' toilet
    • In the Family Amenity Centre (near Petzi's World) – Ladies', Gentlemen's and disabled toilet
    • In Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre) and (Koncertsalen) the Concert Hall – Ladies', Gentlemen's and disabled toilet
    • By the Main Entrance - Ladies' and Gentlemen's toilet
    • By the Flying Trunk - Ladies' and Gentlemen's toilet

    Toilets for the disabled

    There are toilet facilities for the disabled by Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre) and by the Glyptotek entrance. In addition to these, you can find toilets for the disabled in a number of the restaurants in the Gardens and in Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre) and Koncertsalen (the Concert Hall).

    Family amenity room

    You will find our well-equipped baby changing room near Petzi's World (the playground), where among other things you can heat up baby food and milk. There are also baby changing facilities in the following toilets:

    • By the Main Entrance - Ladies' and Gentlemen's toilet (and a children's toilet in the Ladies')
    • By the Glyptotek entrance - Ladies' and Gentlemen's toilet
    • At Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre) - Ladies' toilet
    • By the Påfuglen Bistro - Ladies' toilet
    • By Café Mamma Mokka - Ladies' toilet


    There are 29 vending machines for tickets and Multi-ride tickets positioned around Tivoli. You can see on the map of the Gardens where the machines are placed.