Tivoli Revue 2024

The box office hit is back! 45,000 roared with laughter when the Tivoli Revue took to the stage at the Glass Hall Theatre last year. Now, the Tivoli Revue returns with a vengeance to lampoon your funny bone. Box office sales have just opened, so tick your calendar and look forward to searing satire and great musical entertainment.

From Thursday, June 6, 2024 - Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Glass Hall Theatre

The Tivoli Revue sets a strong musical team
Lisbet Dahl has assembled a powerful team for the Tivoli Revue, including bandmaster James Price, who has on several occasions been awarded the prize as Revue Composer of the Year. Also appearing is Thomas Eje, who is making a comeback on the Danish revue scene, in addition to a host of other talented entertainers. Meet the whole team, who are already busy penning their punchlines.

Musical magic – accompanied by James Price
If anyone, James Price is the master of the revue musical genre. When the Tivoli Revue returns, you can look forward to searing satire, parodies and musical entertainment.

Due to medical issues, Lone Rødbroe has replaced Lisbet Dahl in today's show.

Welcome to the Tivoli Revue that we simply know you will love.

Performances are in Danish

The actors

Director and artistic director of the Tivoli revue Lisbet Dahl

Bandmaster James Price

Comedian and actor Thomas Eje

Actor Mikkel Becker Hilgart

Actor Rikke Bilde

Actor Rikke Buch Bendtsen