If you visit Tivoli by car, you have the option to park in the parking zones near Tivoli or in APCOA PARKING’s parking facilities, at a discount.

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Get 50% discount on 3 selected APCOA parking facilities and 20% discount on 9 other facilities, as a Gold Card owner

Get discount at 3 select APCOA parking facilities as a Tivoli Pass holder


You can now use the Danish version of the app APCOA FLOW to get a discount and pay for parking at three of APCOA PARKING’s parking facilities close to Tivoli:
- 3555 - Axel Towers Carpark – Axeltorv 2, 1609 København V
- 0312 - Saga Carpark – Vesterbrogade 25. 1620 København V
- 2485 - Nyropsgade Carpark – Nyropsgade 6, 1602 København V

If you hold a Tivoli Gold Pass you are in addition offered a 20% discount at the parking facilities listed at the bottom.

How to get your discount:

To get your discount, please download the Danish version of the app APCOA FLOW. Log into APCOA FLOW and choose "Rabatter". From there, choose "Tilføj rabatkort", then "Tivoli" and the type of card, you want to add. Type in your Tivoli Pass number, which is found on the back of your Tivoli Pass and press "Tilføj kort". Once you have put in your Tivoli Pass number, you will automatically park at a discount when you park at one of the listed parking facilities, using APCOA FLOW.

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The discount can be obtained all days, independent of Tivoli’s opening hours, as long as you have a valid Tivoli Pass, Tivoli Silver Pass, Tivoli Wild Pass or Tivoli Gold Pass.
Please note, that it is not possible to pay for parking with your Tivoli Pass; the pass merely enables the discount. Furthermore, APCOA PARKING does not grant the discount retrospectively, and the discount does not apply to special parking bays, for instance E-charge bays, XXL bays or reserved bays.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Tel: +45 45 26 76 91. Mail:

Parking facilities with a 20% discount as a Tivoli Gold Pass owner: NB: The number prior to the name of the facility is the facility’s number in APCOA FLOW.

3395 - Badehusvej 5, 9000 Aalborg

0104 - Ny Banegårdsgade 53, 8000 Aarhus C

0406 - DSB, Banegården, 8000 Aarhus C

0654 - Åboulevardens P-kælder, 8000 Aarhus C

3635 - Ny Banegårdsgade 46, 8000 Aarhus C

Other parking options in Copenhagen

See current prices for parking (Tivoli is situated in the green zone)


Parking at Tivoli

Please note that Copenhagen is divided into parking zones. Tivoli is in the green zone, and the streets around Tivoli are in the green and red zone respectively. At the ticket vending machines you can see which zone you are currently in.

There are zone signs posted at all access roads to the payment area in the inner city. The signs are shown in blue. When you leave the payment area, it is marked with a similar sign, this time it is gray and overlaid.

For fixed-term parking, please use the p-disc. Remember to set the p-disc at the start of parking. If the parking starts before a time-limited period and continues into this, the dial must be set at the time the time limit begins.

Map of parking zones

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