Information about COVID-19


Do you have tickets for Christmas in Tivoli?

Unused tickets for Tivoli can be used until and including 30th of April 2022.
If you want a refund instead, you must send an email to before 28th of February 2022.


Do you have a Tivoli Card? 

As a cardholder, you are always guaranteed 200 opening days in Tivoli. 
In the case of official bans or recommendations that involve keeping Tivoli closed or restricting access to Tivoli, for example, due to extraordinary health, safety, or similar considerations, the cardholder does not obtain the right to compensation or reimbursement, unless the restriction/closure results in fewer than 200 opening days in the calendar year in question. 

In 2021, we had planned 252 opening days, and with the lockdown, we end the year with 227 days, and therefore we do not provide compensation.


Do you have other questions?

Please refer to the website of the Danish Health Authority, which is updated on an ongoing basis with the latest information about COVID-19:

You are always welcome to get in touch by emailing if you have any questions.