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Available information regarding stock, share prices and much more. Courtesy of Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Tivoli A/S is a public limited company.

Skandinavisk Holding owns 31,8 % of the portfolio

Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker owns 25,4 % of the portfolio

The remaining portfolio is owned by approximately 20.000 shareholders

Financial calendar 2022

10 March: Annual Report 2021

28 April: Q1 2022

28 April: General meeting

15 August: Q2 2022

27 October: Q3 2022


Tivoli A/S held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 28 April 2022.


Download minutes from the Annual General Meeting


Any questions regarding the Annual General Meeting can be submitted in writing to

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A shareholder's card is a bonus, which Tivoli chooses to offer its shareholders. The card provides free admission to Tivoli for the card holder and one guest per day.

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