The end of 2016 was the end of Tivoli’s strategy 2014 – 2016. The strategy defined five targets:

  • Tivoli wants to be an attractive workplace
  • Tivoli wants to maintain high, international quality and service standards
  • Tivoli wants to be a year-round business, less dependent on the weather
  • Tivoli wants to further develop its strong brand, also within new business areas
  • Tivoli wants to generate sufficient profits to continue providing an attractive visitor experience.
The strategy period ended well. For example, staff satisfaction surveys show that more than 84% of Tivoli’s staff are satisfied. That creates a unique basis for offering visitors to Tivoli the best service, which we succeeded in doing. More than 96% of our visitors rate their visit as a good experience and worth the money. 

During the period, Tivoli has developed more into a year-round business, with more business areas that are not dependent on the weather. This has been achieved eg by further leveraging Tivoli’s strong brand, for example online casino, more shows in our halls as well as by entering into partnerships with business partners outside the Gardens. Such partnerships were entered into with respect for the Tivoli brand, which is still rated as very valuable.

On the above basis, Tivoli is reporting a profit before tax of DKK 93.3 million for 2016 compared to DKK 64.1 million for 2015, which is the best performance in Tivoli’s 173-year history.

Final attendance figures for 2016 totalled 4.6 million, which is more or less at the 2015 level of 4.7 million. The slightly lower attendance figures were due to the Gardens being open for fewer days; hence in 2016, Tivoli was open for 246 days compared to 254 days in 2015.

The results provide a good basis for Tivoli’s future. Tivoli’s strategy for 2017 – 2019 is thus a continuation of recent years’ strategy and reflects Tivoli’s versatility. 

Our primary activity is the amusement park at Vesterbrogade 3, Tivoli Gardens. Here, we must continue to give pride of place to quality and service, and Tivoli’s aesthetic expression must be maintained and further developed.

Tivoli must be an attractive workplace; only the best employees are able to deliver the quality Tivoli wants. This advantageous point of departure may have a ripple effect so that Tivoli’s assets can be leveraged to the highest possible level.

The Tivoli name has a value in itself which may be leveraged in strong partnerships on new products, business areas and activities in or outside the Gardens. At the premises, we must ensure optimum capacity utilisation to avoid that the Gardens are blatantly empty at one time, just to be crammed to the bursting point at another. 

The fourth and last strategy element is profits. Profits are necessary in order for our shareholders to get a return on their capital and in order for Tivoli to continue the development which has been the recipe for a long life. Yes, Tivoli will indeed be able to celebrate its 175-year anniversary in 2018, and we are now planning the celebrations. 

In 2016, we decided to terminate, which did not meet Tivoli’s expectations. The Danish online casino continues and contributes significantly to our results for the year. 

Jørgen Tandrup
Chairman of the Board of Directors

A historic high level of activity

Lars Liebst

Managing Director


  • A good place to work

    We aim to be a good, attractive and professional workplace

  • Quality

    We aim to deliver quality and service at a high, international standard

  • Development

    We aim to develop and expand our business, starting with the Gardens

  • Profit

    We aim to achieve profits large enough to ensure that Tivoli can continue to develop new, attractive experiences


102.000 1.289.000 1.649.000 1.598.000
1,311.2 mio. DKK
1,355.2 mio. DKK
64.1 mio. DKK
96.3 mio. DKK
Summer in Tivoli
Halloween in Tivoli
Christmas in Tivoli

A good reputation

The Tivoli name is an important asset which offers good opportunities for collaboration

In 2016 we celebrated ten years of Tivoli's mission. The slogan 'To enchant our visitors' was introduced as Tivoli's overarching strategic guidepost in 2006, along with the vision, 'To be a leading international leisure brand'. 

It sounds simple, but enchantment has become more challenging in a time of ever-increasing numbers of specialist interests, and when anyone can have a voice via social media. Some people want the volume turned up at rock concerts; others don't want rock concerts at all. Some people want new rides, while others would prefer everything to stay the same. 

Tivoli's basic approach since 1843 has always been to encompass everything and be for everyone, and this is still the case. Diversity is part of this concept, whether in regard to the breadth of cultural offerings and eateries or our staff members, who are of all ages and nationalities. So there will always be debate, discussion, criticism and defensiveness in regard to Tivoli, whether we are talking about the development and offerings in the Gardens or the corporate strategies that extend beyond our Vesterbrogade site. One person's delight falls on deaf ears with someone else. In order for Tivoli to remain Tivoli, this is something we have to accept.

The Tivoli name is an important asset, meaning that a good reputation is important to the business. Tivoli's reputation as a good place to work attracts many excellent employees. Respect for Tivoli as a business attracts many high-quality partners. And trust in the fact that the Tivoli Gardens stand for quality, safety and integrity attracts our many loyal visitors.

Tivoli studies employee satisfaction, visitor satisfaction and quality at regular intervals, and the public can follow the results in the annual report and CSR report. 

In terms of respect for the Tivoli business, the Berlingske Business Guldimage (Gold Image) survey provides an indication of the situation. In this annual survey, 140 businesses are evaluated by over 4,000 Danish business leaders in ten areas: management, trustworthiness, quality, employees, communication, competitive ability, financial strength, innovation, responsibility and knowledge. 

In 2016 Tivoli was number 11 on the list, jumping six places from number 17 in 2015 and achieving our best placement to date. In the areas of communication, innovation and employees, Tivoli achieved top ten placements (number 5 for communication, number 8 for innovation and number 9 for employees).

Tivoli's role

Historically, Tivoli has played a major role in the evolution of Danish cultural life, and is still one of the biggest providers of theatre, concerts, ballet and other forms of entertainment, as well as being an employer of artists and creatives in all areas, including design and architecture.

Tivoli is a founding member of Københavns Kulturkvarter (Copenhagen Cultural District), in which 18 cultural institutions on and around Slotsholmen aim to create more life and dynamism in this exciting area of Copenhagen. The Cultural District is being promoted in the government's tourism strategy as of 2016 as an example of how networks and partnerships between private and public bodies can take tourism to the next level. 

Tivoli has played an active role in the debate about the state of the tourism industry for years. The 2016 relaxation of energy taxes, a defining issue in the entertainment sector, was extremely heartening. 

The visit by Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in summer 2016 to discuss CSR and urban planning, among other things, is a further indication of Tivoli's excellent reputation.

Responsible gaming

Expectations of Tivoli are high, and this includes our ethics and values. Tivoli operates with an emphasis on transparency, timely duty of care and integrity. To emphasise that Tivoli is a responsible business, responsible gaming was added to the organisation's CSR policy. It had previously been addressed within the framework of

Tivoli products

A variety of new initiatives bearing the Tivoli brand saw the light of day in 2016. Tivoli has developed the Tivoli Academy, which provides service courses to businesses and public institutions. The first courses were held in November and December for employees of the City of Copenhagen. A mobile game for tablets and smartphones was launched in July, with the start button being pressed by the United States Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford. Tivoli Puzzle was developed in partnership with Point Voucher. This is a match 3 game based on Tivoli's strongly themed world, in which players can read little stories about Tivoli and win Tivoli prizes.

Royal Unibrew launched Tivoli Øl, three gourmet beers inspired by plants and flowers growing in Tivoli. The beers are aimed at both the Danish and international markets, and are sold in special gift boxes. We should also mention a series of products from lighting manufacturer e3light named Tivoli Lights, inspired by Christmas in Tivoli.

Visitors from near and far

The final visitor count for 2016 was 4.6 million visitors, which is in line with 2015

The summer season was mixed, with the weather playing a crucial role in whether visitors attended the concerts and events on the programme. 

The visitor count was 2.9 million visitors. One of these visitors was US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was on an official visit to Denmark. Kerry was actually following in his predecessors' steps: every US Secretary of State since Colin Powell has visited Tivoli.

The Halloween season started well, but ended poorly thanks to very bad weather. Nevertheless, Tivoli welcomed 507,000 visitors over the 25-day season. 

Christmas in Tivoli 2016 was the busiest Christmas season since its inception in 1994. 1.1 million visitors came to the Gardens, which were covered in masses of artificial snow this year. The lighting also tempted visitors inside. At any rate, our visitor curve rose noticeably at the advent of darkness in late afternoon. 

Saturdays in December in particular are traditionally extremely intense, and 2016 was no exception. 

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87 and a high degree of satisfaction with the 2016 Christmas season, we can conclude that, as in a well-known Danish Christmas carol, 

Tivoli's visitors feel that 'voldsom trængsel og alarm' ('hustle and buzzle') is part of the charm of Christmas in Tivoli.

Number of guests who would


recommend Tivoli

Summer in Tivoli
Halloween in Tivoli
Christmas in Tivoli

The atmosphere makes the difference

When we ask Tivoli visitors why they come to Tivoli, regardless of the season and of which guest segment they fit into, they answer that they come to enjoy the general atmosphere

Families with children typically also come to enjoy the rides. Friends, couples and Tivoli fans cite the atmosphere as the main reason, while those who are interested in culture, fairly logically, mention concerts and performances as the primary reason for their visit. Unsurprisingly, eating in Tivoli is the primary reason for the business sector to visit. 

The proportion of tourists in Tivoli compared with Danish visitors rose in 2016. This is obviously in line with a general growth in tourism in Copenhagen, including growth in hotel accommodation. This growth is even thought to be greater than would be indicated by hotel accommodation alone, since the sharing economy and private apartment rentals have grown substantially this year. No figures are available to indicate the scale of private rentals.

Tivoli has also focused more on sales, marketing and communication to the international markets, particularly Sweden, Norway, the UK and Germany in conjunction with Visit Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen. 

The effect of attendance at conventions and journalist visits to Tivoli will only be known further down the track, while better communication with hotels and other partners in Copenhagen regarding Tivoli's programme can have an immediate effect. Interest in the Danish concept of hygge in the second half of 2016 – particularly in the UK and USA – has probably also caused an uptick in short city breaks in Copenhagen.


  • 1
  • 2
    Rest of the world
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

guest segments

Summer in Tivoli
Halloween in Tivoli
Christmas in Tivoli

Age distribution

Summer in Tivoli
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over
Halloween in Tivoli
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over
Christmas in Tivoli
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over

Diversity and satisfaction

A good, attractive and professional workplace. That's what Tivoli aims to be.

Tivoli is a diverse workplace and we have worked for many years to achieve an inclusive labour market. In 2016 Tivoli's employees in offices and in the Gardens were strongly committed to helping refugees and immigrants integrate into the Danish labour market.


In partnership with Frederiksberg Municipality, Tivoli received 16 refugees, who spent part of their time working in Tivoli and the rest on language studies. The idea is that it is easier to learn Danish when you combine learning with spending time with Danish-speaking colleagues, because you make active use of the language and develop a language practice. At the same time, the language trainees learn about culture and norms in a Danish workplace. Each language trainee was also allocated a mentor within Tivoli, who could provide advice and guidance on finding their footing as a new arrival in Danish society.

Tivoli's next integration project is to create places for the new two-year basic integration course (IGU), which is rather like an apprenticeship. Under the direction of the Association New Dane, Tivoli has also participated in a mentoring scheme for highly educated new Danes who are having difficulty breaking into the labour market.

The annual employee survey was rethought in 2016, partly in order to link employee and visitor satisfaction more closely and because of the need for feedback from younger employees. The survey frequency was increased and the number of questions was reduced. 

One new element is a question which is answered in the same way as the NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is a method used to measure visitor satisfaction in the Gardens. Given the more frequent surveys, the results are extremely relevant when departments are following up on results and working on ongoing improvements. 

Tivoli's ability to attract and retain excellent employees is crucial to its competitive ability. The competition for the best candidates is heating up. For this reason, we are working on expanding awareness of Tivoli as a diverse, integrity-based place to work, which offers opportunities, professional challenges and a good working environment. 

We are seeking out knowledge about the new generations on the labour market, attracting new profiles and retaining and developing employees. We are also working on attractive internship and trainee programmes for students and newly qualified individuals in a range of areas, while work placements were created for students and apprentices in two new disciplines in 2016, meaning that we now offer thirteen different professions. This requires a vivid, development-focused culture, in which the organisation constantly adapts to new requirements.



Full-time equivalents 2016

"Tivoli is a good place to work overall"

Share who agree in the statement in the annual employee satisfaction survey











Sickness absence


2.9 % Tivoli

3.3 % DI


3,1 % Tivoli

3.1 % DI


2.8 % Tivoli

3.1 % DI


3,1 % Tivoli

2,9 % DI


3,1 % Tivoli

3.1 % DI


Right from the start of 2016 Tivoli was kept busy in many areas

Demolition of the former Hard Rock Cafe and Tivoli Jackpot Wivex began on the corner of Vesterbrogade and Bernstorffsgade, and Tivoli Corner is now under construction. Thanks to an imaginative screen covering the building site, visitors were amused and entertained by images such as distorted mirrors, giraffes or polar bears, all attracting attention. 

Building work was also going on in the far corner of Tivoli, next to H. C. Andersens Boulevard and Tietgensgade, in order to construct the new three-in-one Fatamorgana ride. This ride is the first of its kind. It combines two different carousels in the same tower, so visitors can choose between a gentle trip and a wilder one on the same ride. MiniMorgana bumper cars for young children were introduced at the foot of the tower.


Number of visitor rides


  • The Odin Express

  • The Flying Trunk



Theatre and dance

The Tivoli Concert Hall and the Glass Hall Theatre, known collectively as the Halls, were filled with stage performances of every kind

The musical Hairspray opened in the Concert Hall on 10 March, with celebrities and ordinary citizens crowding in to enjoy an all-star cast featuring Martin Brygmann, Silas Holst, Lene Nystrøm and more.  

Expectations were sky-high regarding Nanna Rossen, who played the main role of Tracy Turnblad. Rossen was cast via an open audition held in the autumn of 2015, and this performance in Tivoli marked her first professional theatrical role. She impressed colleagues, critics and audiences alike with her voice and talent.

In fact, she was so impressive that she won one of this year's Reumert Talent Prizes in May 2016 and was also accepted into the Danish Academy of Musical Theatre in Fredericia. 


Another young girl played an important role in the summer season. The premiere of Cinderella took place in the Pantomime Theatre on 25 June. The ballet featured choreography by Yuri Possokhov (who also won best choreographer award at the 2016 Benois de la Danse competition, otherwise known as the Oscars of the ballet world, for his choreography for the Bolshoi Ballet), music by Oh Land (Nanna Øland) and set design and costumes by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark. 

This was Possokhov's first work for Tivoli, Oh Land's first ballet composition and Queen Margrethe's first collaboration with either of them. 

The Tivoli Ballet Theatre danced. The production was received well by audiences and critics alike, and was probably the most watched production ever in the Pantomime Theatre. 

The Nutcracker

BeforeThe Tivoli Ballet Theatre's and Queen Margrethe's Christmas classic, The Nutcracker, was a huge success in the Tivoli Concert Hall in December. For the first time in Tivoli, the ballet was accompanied by live music – performed, naturally, by Tivoli's own symphony orchestra, the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil. This was made possible thanks to support from the Augustinus Foundation.

The Nutcracker took over the Concert Hall, the Mastodonterne dropped in during the autumn break with their musical, Shrek. Later in the year Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater visited during Halloween in Tivoli. At the premiere, Queen Ingrid's Honorary Grant was presented by three royal sisters to dancer Andreas Kaas and jazz singer Sinne Eeg. Together with Nikolaj Koppel, Sinne Eeg performed A Case Of You live, while the wonderful dancers performed Judith Jamison's choreography of the same name. The guest performance was supported by the A. P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes.

As well as performances in the Concert Hall, training was also provided in several Copenhagen schools about what Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater stands for. Bringing dance to children and young people in the USA is an important aspect of Alvin Ailey's legacy. Copenhagen children and young people have now had an opportunity to experience the effect of dance on their own bodies.

Summer in the Glass Hall Theatre was dominated by Tam Tam, the Tivoli Revue fronted by Bodil Jørgensen and Niels Olsen. In August and September the venue hosted Dirch, a production based on the film of the same name. In October the Glass Hall Theatre provided the setting for the Fairy-Tale Theatre's 25-year jubilee production, Nilens Stjerne ('Star of the Nile'), and in December it hosted A Christmas Fairy-Tale. 

As usual, the Fairy-Tale Theatre shared the stage with London Toast Theatre, whose 2016 Crazy Christmas Cabaret was entitled Shakin' Up Sherwood.

Tivoli productions 2016



NUMBER OF Productions


Tivoli Music Week

Friday Rock's twentieth season was popular with both Danish and international artists as well as with audiences

25 Fridays offered 48 unique concerts. A total of 420,000 people visited Friday Rock. At the end of June 2016, the Danish Environmental Board of Appeal (NMK) decided that the authorities should have performed an Environmental Impact Assessment (VVM-screening) in 2015, when Tivoli's environmental permit was changed and permission was given to play ten concerts at 65 decibels (compared with the usual 60 decibels). 

A week later, the permit was therefore annulled completely by NMK. Not only did this put Tivoli in a difficult position in terms of the contracts that had been signed for the season, it also threatens the entire Friday Rock concept, which must otherwise be termed a huge success, attracting 400,000 – 500,000 visitors annually over twenty years. Again, we acknowledge that what enchants one person displeases another. Developments in the city and in Tivoli are up for debate.

Once upon a time, H.C. Lumbye's music was the height of fashion, and so it was performed in Tivoli. These days other artists are in fashion. Tivoli and the artists are keen to deliver top quality, and this requires more volume. Tivoli is now in a situation in which open air concerts everywhere else in Copenhagen may be performed at a higher volume, which obviously makes it hard to compete.

Once upon a time, H.C. Lumbye's music was the height of fashion, and so it was performed in Tivoli. These days other artists are in fashion. Tivoli and the artists are keen to deliver top quality, and this requires more volume. Tivoli is now in a situation in which open air concerts everywhere else in Copenhagen may be performed at a higher volume, which obviously makes it hard to compete.

Our founder Georg Carstensen's ambition with Tivoli was to create a popular amusement garden for everyone. This has become a little harder thanks to the change in environmental permit. Help may be available from the EU's MONICA project, which Tivoli is involved in. This project works to optimise sound quality at venues without increasing the volume. Venues all over the European Union are involved in the project, along with leading researchers and sound equipment manufacturers.

One of the season's biggest concerts featured Pharrell Williams in July. It was the same concert model that had previously brought artists like Elton John and Mark Knopfler to Tivoli, with tickets being sold for the area immediately in front of the Open Air Stage, while the rest of the Gardens were open and accessible to all visitors as usual. 

Music was on offer every day throughout the summer on Tivoli's outdoor stages. Under the leadership of Peter Jensen, the core music was provided by the Tivoli Ensemble: music from the movies, musicals and operettas on Tuesdays on the Open Air Stage, jazz on Wednesdays at the Harmony Pavilion, and – true to tradition – the Ensemble expanded into the Tivoli Big Band for the Saturday evening dances on the Open Air Stage. A variety of soloists also guested at these concerts. 

Together with the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil, the Tivoli Ensemble played alongside Daimi and Christian Hjelm during an afternoon concert on the Open Air Stage as part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. 

In total, the 2016 concert programme offered 276 hours of free music to around half a million visitors. For comparison purposes, there were 156 hours of free music in 201


  • Kim Larsen

  • Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

  • Tiësto

  • S!vas + Gilli + MellemFingaMuzik

  • Christopher

Summer Classic

Tivoli experimented with classical music in 2016

Names are important. Since Sjællands Symfoniorkester is now using its English name, the Copenhagen Phil, and to strengthen the link between the orchestra's winter and summer existences, the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra is now known as the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil.

In 2016 Tivoli also renamed its classical music season, which is now known as the Summer Classic. The new name marked a shift toward a profile that emphasises our proud tradition of introducing major international stars to the Tivoli Concert Hall, while also focusing on audience development – for example, by involving audiences, developing new concert formats as well as focusing on programmes for children and families.

More for little ones
Tivoli's programme for children was expanded to incorporate the Champagne Galop – a free Saturday musical performance for children featuring musicians from the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil, the Tivoli Youth Guard and children from the Tivoli Ballet School led by an actor playing the role of H. C. Lumbye, talking about classical music. The Tivoli Youth Guard also performed its traditional parades, including as part of Christmas in Tivoli, and played weekly concerts on the Open Air Stage.

On Sunday afternoons, the Tivoli Ensemble accompanied storytelling sessions for children. Last but not least, Petzi once again entertained and cuddled hundreds of children in front of his house next to the playground. During Halloween in Tivoli, Petzi moved to the Open Air Stage with two new seasonal productions, Peekaboo Petzi and Pure Magic.

This year's classical music season ran from the middle of May to the middle of September. Concerts were presented in new categories or tracks to make the music profile clearer to the audiences:

ON TOUR presented international orchestras from all over the world, such as the Budapest Festival Orchestra with conductor Ivan Fisher at the helm. The Minnesota Orchestra also visited Tivoli with Finnish conductor Osmo Vänskä, and with Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto performing the solo part in Sibelius's violin concerto. The National Youth Orchestra of the USA, conducted by no less than Gergiev himself, also bears mentioning.

GREAT VOICES continued Tivoli's successful run of opera concerts and internationally renowned soloists with the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil. 

IN FOCUS experimented with the concert format by inviting audiences onto the stage to sit in a circle around the soloist. 

The Summer Classic also set the scene for the future generation of classical musicians and Denmark's best 'con amore' orchestras.

The thematic tracks in the programming will continue in 2017, enhanced by a clear subscription scheme which should forge a close bond of loyalty with classical music audiences. More adventurous activities such as the birthday concert and film concert will also be continued. We are also introducing something new for children: a family concert called Tivoli by Night.
Summer Classic 2016.

Summer classic 2016



CONCERTS with fee




summer classic TOP 5

Most seen concerts

  • Tivoli's Anniversary Concert

  • Spielberg & Williams

  • The Opera Diva's favourite arias

  • Anne Sofie von Otter

  • Wagner's women

Accommodation and food

In January 2016, Nimb and Holckenhavn Castle on the island of Funen introduced a strategic partnership aimed particularly at tourists

The idea is that Nimb Hotel guests can combine their stay in Copenhagen with a stay at Holckenhavn Castle, near Nyborg. The transport time is less than two hours, and with the combined stay, guests can enjoy the Danish landscape and stay in a genuine renaissance castle as well as all the experiences offered by Tivoli and Copenhagen.

The Tivoli Business Club (TEK) is a frequent visitor to Tivoli. The growing club now has three types of membership, and its purpose is to create networks and close relationships between member organisations.

Meatball sandwich seller Frikadellen joined Tivoli's stable of fast food outlets. This stall is in the Nimb building opposite the Roller Coaster, and it continues the Tivoli tradition of unique, high-quality fast food options, along with Fish 'n' Chips, Hot Dog Corner, Petzi's Pancake House and the Roast Pork Stall, which was one of Tivoli's most popular eateries during Halloween and Christmas in Tivoli. 

This Christmas in Tivoli, we launched our own bottled mulled wine. We also opened the Honey Cake Castle, located in the Tivoli Castle. Visitors could decorate their own honey cake hearts in a cosy cafe, while looking at the huge, elf-operated honey cake factory on the back wall across two floors.

Price's Diner opened at the start of the summer season in one section of the former Divan 1, with a menu focusing on American classics like burgers and hot dogs. It was an instant success.

After twenty seasons in Grøften restaurant, Poul Eriksen bade farewell to Tivoli. Eriksen's conviviality was unparalleled, and Tivoli owes him a huge thank you for his amazing contribution. The legendary restaurant now has new tenants, Dorte and Jacob Elkjær, who achieved great success with the renowned Restaurant Fænøsund in Middelfart. Any anxiety over whether the concept for Grøften would change under the new tenants was quickly assuaged. 

Towards the end of the year, Henrik Damgaard indicated that he did not wish to continue as tenant in the Japanese Pagoda. Instead an agreement was reached with Henrik Yde Andersen to open Kiin Kiin Biintooi Tivoli in the pagoda, which dates back to 1900.

Well on the digital way

Tivoli continues its digital journey along both internal and external lines

Within the organisation, this means improved processes with the help of technology, such as digital data reporting, improved internal communication and a new photo database. In the Gardens, the self-service machines have been well-received, and are now used by around a third of Tivoli's visitors.

In the wake of Tivoli Puzzle, another Tivoli game was added to the mix in October. The zombie game was part of the new Halloween in Tivoli initiative. There were three game zones, in which players were attacked by zombies via their smartphones in augmented reality – an extra layer over actual pictures of Tivoli – and they had to use pumpkins to shoot the zombies. 

The zombie game formed part of the Tivoli app, which is gaining ground as the best means of handling the practical aspects of a Tivoli trip, from annual cards to the day's programme.

On social media, follower numbers and interactions continue to move in a positive direction, along with the ongoing dialogue with Tivoli's loyal visitors. 

Tivoli's Facebook page now has over 300,000 followers. The number of Instagram followers grew by 83% in 2016 compared with 2015, while YouTube had impressive growth of 380% in the number of views compared with 2015. 

The large number of YouTube views was due in no small part to the young Norwegian pop idols, Marcus & Martinus, who took a trip on the Demon with Tivoli TV. The clip had been watched over 1.5 million times by the end of the year, and is still attracting a lot of views. 

On social media, follower numbers and interactions continue to move in a positive direction, along with the ongoing dialogue with Tivoli's loyal visitors. 

Tivoli's Facebook page now has over 300,000 followers. The number of Instagram followers grew by 83% in 2016 compared with 2015, while YouTube had impressive growth of 380% in the number of views compared with 2015. 

The large number of YouTube views was due in no small part to the young Norwegian pop idols, Marcus & Martinus, who took a trip on the Demon with Tivoli TV. The clip had been watched over 1.5 million times by the end of the year, and is still attracting a lot of views. 

Future plans for Tivoli

The new Tivoli 2017 – 2019 strategy provides a clear picture of how and on which goals the organisation needs to wor

New and unique experiences must be created for Tivoli visitors in all areas: rides, games, food outlets, culture and gardens, as illustrated in this figure.

November will see the opening of Tivoli Corner, Nimb Hotel's new rooms and the Tivoli Food Hall. Regulatory processing of the Tivoli Centre will continue in 2017, after a further revision of the project was presented to the City of Copenhagen in a new initial report in 2016. 

A variety of exciting new elements will be introduced to the Tivoli Gardens in 2017. There are great expectations regarding the Christmas production, the musical Elf, in the Tivoli Concert Hall, while the theatrical season kicked off in February with crime comedy The 39 Steps in the Glass Hall Theatre and the musical Spamalot in the Concert Hall.

The Orangery replaces the Harmony Pavilion and the television studio as a combined stage, greenhouse and studio, and the previous television studio is being demolished. The set for Nautilus has been redesigned, and the Demon has been updated to incorporate VR (Virtual Reality).

In the Gardens visitors will be able to enjoy new lights designed by renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. There will also be new activities in the Chinese Pagoda and in Perlen (behind the Open Air Stage), where Kähler closed at the end of the year.

Finally, we must mention that all of Tivoli's departments are looking forward to celebrating Tivoli's 175th birthday in 2018.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility report, required in accordance with section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act, may be read in its entirety at An overview is provided below.

As a result of changes in requirements for CSR reporting (cf. section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act), several changes have been made to the CSR report for 2016. The report now includes a description of the Tivoli business model and an assessment of risk. 

The introductory reader guide also outlines Tivoli's position on the mandatory topics of human rights, climate and the environment, social conditions and anti-corruption.

Various changes were also made to the benchmarks. This is partly the result of different practices and measurement methods, and partly due to a desire for more modern benchmarks. 

Tivoli has carried out an annual employee satisfaction survey for many years in conjunction with Great Place to Work. This situation has changed. The employee satisfaction survey is now performed four times a year, and is based on the Net Promoter Score. This change means that there is no longer access to data regarding discrimination, which is not included. This does not change the fact that Tivoli continues to be a diverse organisation which emphasises respect between employees.

Tivoli is now introducing e(employee) NPS as a counterpart to NPS (Net Promoter Score). This means that employees answer on a scale of 0–10 regarding the extent to which they would recommend their workplace to others, just as visitors have for several years indicated the extent to which they would recommend Tivoli to others (NPS). The themes for the other employee satisfaction survey questions cover the level of information, cooperation between colleagues, the atmosphere in the workplace and orderliness.

Tivoli has previously reported on visitors' health and wellness – in other words, the options for making healthy food choices – using the amount of low-fat chips and organic hot dogs sold. This has presented certain challenges, since organic chips are not available in a low-fat version, meaning that visitors are forced to choose one healthy option over the other. We will still focus on visitors' options for making healthy food choices, but have decided to change our reporting practice and will in future report on animal welfare. This area is increasingly important to consumers. 

Organic food will remain a focus area. In future the KPI will be organic bread versus conventional bread, since this figure has greater reach across Tivoli's food outlets.

Our surroundings

As part of its environmental work, Tivoli has aimed for many years to reduce traffic in the Gardens. A few years ago we began to focus on consumption of biofuel instead. However, biofuel has turned out to be unsuitable for use in Tivoli, since maintenance of the engines took up too much time. Tivoli thus no longer uses biofuel, and this benchmark has been omitted.

It is still not regarded as necessary to introduce quantified KPIs in regard to corruption and supplier relations. Corruption in Denmark is the lowest in the world, and Tivoli does not tolerate corruption. In regard to supplier relations, we are continuing to apply the code of conduct, which obliges Tivoli suppliers to comply with certain rules.

Following a debate regarding online casinos, including, Tivoli wishes to introduce responsible gaming to the CSR policy, in order to emphasise that it is of utmost importance that Tivoli's online casino is operated at a high ethical standard. No quantified KPI has been set for this benchmark; instead matters, in which questions have been asked of regarding responsible gaming during the year, will be reported on.

Tivoli’s electricity consumption fall into these groups


More than 4,600 light bulbs were changed to LED



ca. 85,000



969,000 kWh