Filming permission & photo shoots

If you wish to film in Tivoli, you must first apply for filming permission from the Communications Department.

Please fill out the form below and send it to us. We will look at your requirements and make the necessary arrangements, in accordance with our general rules. The permit must bes igned on the day of the shoot.

Permits for filming

If you wish to film in Tivoli, you must first apply for filming permission from the Communications Department.You will be asked to indicate what, when and where you wish to film. Who are you? What is the recording to be used for? How many of you are there on the team? And so on.

Conditions for filming for television and/or cinema/media

1. Permits are only issued by Tivoli Brand & Communications.
2. Recordings may only be used for the stated purpose, and in any circumstances only for drama, film or editorial purposes.
2.a) Recordings from concerts and performances initiated by the artist/the performer(s) may be used on the artist's/the performer's or performers' own social media channels in relation to the specific concert/performance in Tivoli and subject to Tivoli's approval of the images. 
2.b) The production company/media is responsible for complying with applicable rules regarding sponsored content on social media. 
3. The production company/the media refunds Tivoli for all costs associated with wages for attendants, workmen, electricians, etc., and for all electricity, cordoning off of areas, cleaning, and so on that Tivoli judges to be necessary as a result of the recordings. Recordings outside Tivoli’s opening hours always require an escort from Tivoli.
4. The production company/the media undertakes to comply with Tivoli's general code of conduct and to obey all instructions issued by representatives of Tivoli. Tivoli reserves the right to interrupt the recordings at any time, including if the nuisance caused to the public is greater than anticipated, or if so required in Tivoli's estimation by special events or other circumstances. Should Tivoli interrupt the recordings, the production company/the media may not claim damages from Tivoli or refuse to refund the costs that have thus far been incurred.


5. The production company/the media takes unconditional responsibility for any losses that arise, directly or indirectly, from the recordings, and the production company/the media undertakes to fully indemnify Tivoli for any losses and claims that may be brought against Tivoli as a result of the recordings, including by Tivoli's visitors/audience, staff, tenants and artists. Tivoli refers to current and future legislation on artistic copyright. Any claims by artists etc. shall be paid by the production company/the media, even if the latter did not personally engage the former to participate in the recording.
6. This permit must be presented on request.
7. The permit does NOT exempt the production company/the media from reaching the necessary special agreements with tenants, musicians, etc., and from obtaining permission from individuals who appear in the images; cf. general legal principles regarding individual image rights.

TV and filming

Photo shoots


Please send your form to:

Press Office Duty Officer

Phone: +4533750738

Torben Plank
Head of press Torben Plank

Phone: +4522237440