The Orangery

A classic, easy, exotic and nostalgic style.

The Orangery is kept in a classic, easy, exotic and nostalgic style as we know it from other botanical gardens. 

The Orangery is split in two levels. On top of the stage we find an open balcony in connection with the multi-functional space that is placed behind it. The greenhouse is in the middle. To the right you will find the green area towards the Tivoli Concert Hall; here The Orangery is only in one level.

The building's architect, Jesper Andersen, says:

"We have been inspired by the orangeries abroad, but also of buildings such as the adjacent Glass Hall, and the Palm House in the Copenhagen Botanical Garden. We have found an expression that will make Orangery in Tivoli a special treat for all the senses. It's going to exude tradition and innovation, which is something that our guests are passionate about."

The Orangery is located in the area behind Nimb Terrasse at the bridge over the Tivoli Lake.

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