Fatamorgana - Family Ride

A 45 meter tall tower with a 3-in-1 ride

Fatamorgana is a 45 meter tall tower. It combines three rides in one so there will be something for every member of the family. The 5-years-olds can enjoy a mini version of The Bumper Cars at the ground level, and on the next level a combi-ride will have a wild and a less wild version. 

A great ride for the little ones
Fatamorgana is the first theme ride in Denmark to contain 3-in-1. At the bottom of the ride you'll find mini bumper cars for children aged 5 years and up. The cars are designed to look like rabbits and jackals, so the hunt can get started!

A proper rush to the stomach
On the next floor of we have established a ride that combines both a wild and a semi-wild experience. In the fast version the guests are seated in a ring with their back towards the center and slung around while being propelled to 2,5 G-force. At the same time the whole structure with the four arms rotates around the tower. The ride is floorless, adding to the extremity of the whole experience. Definitely not for the faint hearted but only the most hardened speed fan!

A softer version 
In the smaller version of the wild Fatamorgana guests are seated two in each gondola, one behind the other. The gondolas are designed to resemble wild animals. The experience will be at a more moderate pace, so there's more time to enjoy the great view.

Health restrictions:
Please be aware that there might be health restrictions on this ride. Find more information at each ride.


HEIGHT 120 cm
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