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A unique range of quality products

At Little Tivoli we present a unique range of quality products based on Tivoli's aesthetics. With a sense of tradition and renewal. Easily recognizable. Timeless.

The range includes cups, cans, T-shirts, posters of iconic Tivoli buildings, tote bags, silk scarves, candles (candle light and dome candles), chocolate boxes, candy drops and much more. Inside the Little Tivoli store, the adventure becomes reality. 

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H.C. Andersen

Based on the classic fairytales

In many ways H.C. Andersen is part of the history of Tivoli Gardens. This range of figurines is related to H.C. Andersen's fairy tales.

Danish illustrator, Richard Branderup is the man behind the wooden figurines, which are based on H.C. Andersen's classic fairy tale The Swine Herd, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Emperor's New Clothes. 



A sense of tradition

The essence of Tivoli

At Little Tivoli you can purcahse are own unique products that capture the essence of our aesthetics and sense of tradition. The various motifs are inspired by the universe of the Gardens.

Tivoli's own designers have created several of the products for Little Tivoli, to extend your Tivoli experience. Beautiful cups, tea boxes and scarves and Tivoli posters.



Normann Copenhagen

A unique design collection

In collaboration with Tivoli, Normann Copenhagen has created a unique collection of products with a modern design line.

This product line encapsulates the unique story and ambience of the Gardens, thereby uniting both Danish cultural heritage and modern design.


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