Wonderful and amazing

Memorable meetings and magical events

Memorable meetings and magical events

Meetings and events

Conference and banqueting rooms almost always look the same. But not at Tivoli: In our unique universe every event stands out. The rooms are always from another world: Magical, tasteful and inspiring.

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Become a sponsor or strategic partner

Sponsorship and strategic partnership

With a sponsorship or strategic partnership with Tivoli, your business can increase the interest and knowledge of selected target groups for certain products or services. All Tivoli's partnerships are tailored to your needs so the business' objectives and requirements are considered.

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Business Lunch

A delicious lunch-menu will be available from one of the selected restaurants. 

Whether meeting an important client, managing your network or maybe just a quick rendezvous with your colleagues? At Tivoli we take pride in providing you with a delicious and expedient business luncheon so you can concentrate on more important matters. Try out a great offer with a two-course lunch and coffee. All served within an hour.

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A different Tivoli

Guided tour

All the surprising anecdotes from Tivoli's history and amusing secrets presented on a guided tour through the gardens.

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A unique vist from the Tivoli Youth Guard

Book the Guard

Make you arrangement unique with a visit from the Tivoli Youth Guard. You can book from 90 to 2 guards and have their visit adapted to your specific wishes.

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