Visitors with functional impairments

There is plenty for visitors with functional impairments to enjoy in Tivoli. Come into the Gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers, a good lunch or dinner, or even try some of the many rides.

Visitors with functional impairments

There is plenty for visitors with functional impairments to enjoy in Tivoli. Come into the Gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers, a good lunch or dinner, or even try some of the many rides.

Assistant scheme

Tivoli has decided to continue the scheme whereby disabled visitors are allowed to bring their own companions, which was introduced in 2005. Our intention with the assistant scheme is to provide equal opportunities in the Tivoli experience. This means that it is possible for guests with a disability to receive compensation for the extra expenses involved because of their disability, but neither more nor less.

The way the scheme works is that guests with a disability, pay for admission and access to the rides on an equal basis with other Tivoli guests. A companion to a disabled person may subsequently be given a free Multi-ride ticket at the entrances on showing a companion card of the Danish Handicap Organisations. Companion cards and children's companion cards are administered by the Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark User services (Dansk Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice). Assistants to disabled people who hold companion cards need not pay for admission to Tivoli when they are accompanying a person with a functional impairment.


Please note that special “Show consideration” cards are available from Tivoli Service Centre that allow a child or adult with a hidden disability, e.g. autism, to be taken to the front of the queue for rides (including their helper or companion).

Assistants for disabled guests in the Tivoli Concert Hall and the Glass Hall Theatre are to pay for the ticket on equal basis as other guests. Exceptions are sign language interpreters, who interpret for the hearing impaired; these can be assigned appropriate places where interpretation can be performed in an appropriate manner. Contact Tivoli Box Office to hear more about this (tel. 0045 3315 1012).

Accessibility in Tivoli

In 2005 Tivoli joined the Accessibility Label Scheme. That means you can find most of the information on accessibility in Tivoli on

Rides and attractions in Tivoli

The attractions at Tivoli include rides, restaurants, Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre), Koncertsalen (the Concert Hall), the Children's playground, Tivoli's indoor gaming halls and shops. You will find descriptions of accessibility to the individual attractions and inside them under the new Accessibility Labelling Scheme on

The rides at Tivoli are not registered, as they are not covered by the Accessibility for All labelling scheme. Therefore, you will not be able to find Tivoli's rides on We have chosen to describe the rides separately on this page. Accessibility to Tivoli's rides depends on two things:



1. Firstly, accessibility depends on whether a guest with a disability is able to get into the ride alone or with the help of a companion. Tivoli staff are not allowed to help to lift a disabled person. It is essential that in the case of a breakdown or evacuation from certain rides, the guest with a disability can climb out and leave the ride, either alone or with a companion.

2. Secondly, accessibility depends on the nature of the ride. Because of the powerful physical forces on passengers, some rides are unsuitable, for instance for wheelchair users, and this may similarly apply to guests with other health problems. If a guest is in doubt, please contact Tivoli staff for advice.

Read more about the definitions of concepts of Tivoli attractions.

Guide dogs and Service dogs

Naturally, blind and partially sighted people are allowed to take their guide dogs or service dogs with them into Tivoli. It is not necessary to contact Tivoli before your visit.

Borrow a wheelchair

Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge. To book one, call +45 33 15 10 01. You can collect the wheelchair from the Service Centre at the Main Entrance. You must pay a deposit of DKK 100 and hand over proof of ID, e.g. a driving licence or health insurance card.

Sign language interpreter

It is possible to bring a sign language interpreter for performances at the Tivoli Concert Hall and Glass Hall.

It is obligatory to reserve an extra seat for the interpreter adjacent to yourself in the hall.

The interpreter can buy a ticket via the Tivoli Box Office, where you can be advises on your options. The Tivoli Box Office phone number is +45 33 15 10 12.


The sign language interpreter should not pay for theater ticket if he / she does not use a seat. Admission to Tivoli is obligatory for the interpreter, unless he / she partakes in the assistant scheme.

Toilets for the disabled

There are toilet facilities for the disabled by Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre), in the Family Amenity Centre (near the playground) and by the Glyptotek entrance. In addition to these, you can find toilets for the disabled in a number of the restaurants in the Gardens and in Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre) and Koncertsalen (the Concert Hall).

The Family Amenity Centre

There is a stair lift at the entrance to the Family Amenity Centre in Tivoli, which you will find close to Rasmus Klump's World (the playground). In the Family Amenity Centre there are baby changing tables (height 90cm) with built-in heating, and a microwave oven to heat up food (operating height 1.8 m). There are good chairs for breast feeding, a children's toilet, free nappies and other rooms that families can use.

The Nurses' Station

The Nurses' Station is close to the Glyptotek entrance and is staffed by trained nurses and first-aiders. If you need emergency help, contact Tivoli’s staff or call +45 33 15 10 01.


Public parking space for disabled persons is available in Vesterbrogade, HC Andersens Boulevard and Tietgensgade. It is possible for wheel chair users to enter Tivoli through the manned entrances at Bernstorffsgade andVesterbrogade.

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