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We are happy to assist the media in any way we can. In our online press room you'll find basic and general information. If you don't find, what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to write us at

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The images in Tivoli's image bank may be used for editorial purposes free of charge in connection with stories from or about Tivoli Gardens.

Please note that you cannot use these or any photos from Tivoli commercially, i.e. in advertisements, sales brochures etc., without written permission from Tivoli. Please contact

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Filming permission & photo shoots

If you wish to film in Tivoli, you must first apply for filming permission from the Communications Department. You will be asked to indicate what, when and where you wish to film. Who are you? What is the recording to be used for? How many of you are there on the team? And so on.

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Annual Pass for members of the press

Press card

We have created a special version of the Tivoli Season Pass, which you can request below, if you expect to visit Tivoli in a professional capacity frequently. The card is valid for card holder, and is available for journalistseditorial staff visiting Tivoli for work purposes frequently.

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