Lakrids by Bülow

Danish crafted gourmet liquorice on a mission to make the world love liquorice. A liquorice fairy tale that started on Bornholm in 2007 and now it is told in all sections of Tivoli. Be aware - it can be very addictive!

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is all about creating Danish gourmet liquorice - and making the world love liquorice. They love to share their passion for liquorice, and invite you to try it out for yourself in the store in famous Tivoli Gardens. Here you can explore the liquorice universe, and discover the full assortment of pure liquorice as well as the popular chocolate coated liquorice varieties and seasonal limited edition varieties.

You will be surprised by the endless combinations with gourmet liquorice - their liquorice softice with delicious liquorice syrup is a must try during hot summer days. Come by for a sample – also if you think you don’t like liquorice, this can convert most sceptics.

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