Hans Philip

Musical poetry

September 8

At 22:00

Plænen - The Open Air Stage

With his dreamy, painterly R&B, Hans Philip has created a captivating musical world with immediate appeal. His highly critically-acclaimed debut album spawned both gold and platinum streaming singles, and Philip has also garnered 5-star live performance reviews from both GAFFA and Soundvenue. Time and time again, his charismatic concerts are sold out.
In addition to his A&B release, you can warm up to the concert and immerse yourself in the unique Spotify session that Hans Philip and his band recorded on a deserted farm on the island of Falster.

Hans Philips’ style is simple yet detailed. This is perhaps precisely what ignites the magic, when this ambitious artist sets out to appeal for contemplation and celebration in equal balance.


September 8
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli