Sponsorship & strategic partnership

With a sponsorship or strategic partnership with Tivoli, your business can increase the interest and knowledge of selected target groups for certain products or services.

All of our partnerships are tailored to your needs so the business' objectives and requirements are considered. For example, a partnership with Tivoli can include:

  • The rights to use Tivoli and Tivoli's icons, for example Harlequin, Columbine and Pierrot, in campaigns, advertising films and marketing materials
  • Fantastic customer functions
  • Product placement at Tivoli and/or the Nimb universe
  • Employee care in the form of family days, special admission to selected performances, concerts etc.
  • Product launches and press meetings in unique surroundings


Royal Unibrew is Tivoli's exclusive supplier of beer and soft drinks.

HTH sponsors the Live Kitchen during Tivoli's Food, Beer and Wine Festival.

Max taste, no sugar.

APCOA PARKING is Tivoli's parking partner.

Nextory is one of Europe's largest streaming services for audiobooks and e-books.Together with our subscribers, Nextory shares a great passion for all kinds of literature and strives to be an independent and natural place where everyone can easily find their next stories.

Husqvarna is the world's leading producer of customer friendly quality tools for woods, gardens and parks. Husqvarna is Tivoli's garden equipment partner.

Go Dream is about sharing great experiences. That's what makes us a perfect Tivoli partner! Go Dream is the sponsor of The Ferris Wheel.

Gardena is the main sponsor of  Tivoli Gardens Garden & Flower Festival.

Getyourguide.com supplies personalized experiences to tourists in Denmark and globally. Every year, Getyourguide.com brings thousands of foreign tourists to Tivoli and also sponsors guided tours of the Gardens.

H. J. Hansen Vin supplies great quality wines to Tivoli

Hørkram is Tivoli Gardens main foodstuffs supplier.

Schulstad is the main sponsor of Smørrebrødsfestival i Tivoli.