Sponsorship & strategic partnership

A commercial partnership with Tivoli Gardens offers your company unparalleled access to 4 million annual visitors, allowing you to captivate your target audience in a unique and unforgettable setting. By seamlessly integrating your brand into the guest experience, you become part of Tivoli Gardens' enchanting magic. The possibilities are endless, and we are eager to collaborate and bring your extraordinary vision to life.

For over 180 years, Tivoli Gardens has enchanted generations of Danes and international visitors alike. We're much more than an amusement park – we're a vibrant cultural hub, hosting 24 Friday Rock concerts on the Open-Air Stage each year and selling over 400,000 tickets annually for performances in the Tivoli Concert Hall and Glass Hall Theatre. As Copenhagen's largest dining destination, our 25+ restaurants offer guests diverse culinary experiences amidst the enchanting atmosphere and twinkling lights that illuminate the Gardens. 

Tivoli Gardens offers something for everyone! From thrilling rides and lively amusements to the high-end luxury of Nimb, we attract a diverse and coveted audience. Our seasons have made Tivoli Gardens a year-round attraction, allowing our partners to activate commercial rights throughout the entire year. 

For the business segment, we offer exclusive venues such as Nimb and Nimb Roof for customer events, annual meetings, general assemblies, etc. Moreover, our own Business Club, with over 200 companies, has been a respected forum for Danish business life since 2005. 

Digitally, Tivoli Gardens has close to one million subscribers and followers across newsletters and social media, providing partners with unique ways to communicate with their audience through competitions and more. 


Partnering with Tivoli Gardens aligns your company with one of Denmark's strongest brands. With a 94% visitor recommendation rate and associations with values like charm, fun, quality, honesty, and value for money, it's a collaboration that resonates. 

At Tivoli Gardens, we customize every partnership to align with your company's unique goals and needs. With years of experience activating successful collaborations within the Gardens, we're ready to create a bespoke experience for your brand. Let's explore the possibilities! Our partnership opportunities are diverse and flexible, including, but not limited to: 

  • The right to use Tivoli Gardens and Tivoli Gardens' icons in your own campaigns 
  • Rights to use entrance tickets, Ride Passes, and Tivoli Gold Passes in competitions 
  • Rights to communicate through Tivoli Gardens' channels, both in the Gardens and via our social platforms 
  • Rights to be part of Tivoli Gardens' official program, becoming a part of the guest experience, like Royal presenting Friday Rock, HTH presenting the Live Kitchen during the Tivoli Food Festival, or Husqvarna and Plantorama presenting the Tivoli Garden and Flower Festival 
  • Opportunities to hold exclusive customer events in connection with a product launch or simply a magical evening in a dedicated area during Friday Rock 
  • Opportunities to host your own Family Day, with special access one hour before the Gardens open and your own reserved area for catering 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 


Royal Unibrew is Tivoli's exclusive supplier of beer and soft drinks.

HTH sponsors the Live Kitchen during the Tivoli Food Festival.

Max taste, no sugar.

APCOA PARKING is Tivoli's parking partner.

Husqvarna is the world's leading producer of customer friendly quality tools for woods, gardens and parks. Husqvarna is Tivoli's garden equipment partner.

Go Dream sponsors the Ferris Wheel.

Hørkram is Tivoli Gardens main foodstuffs supplier.

H. J. Hansen Vin supplies great quality wines to Tivoli

Plantorama is located throughout Denmark, where their centers offer both outdoor and indoor plants, ceramics, gift items, etc. Plantorama is partner at the Tivoli Garden and Flower Festival.