Food film on the Open Air Stage

Sideways – Road trip for wine lovers

Saturday, May 20, 2023

At 19:30

Plænen - The Open Air Stage

Relax and lean back on a warm spring evening and watch a captivating film about food on the Open Air Stage. This year you can watch two films under the open sky at the Tivoli Food Festival. Make yourself comfortable on the grass lawn and enjoy the film with a delicious dish from one of Tivoli's many food stalls and restaurants.

You are welcome to bring a blanket.

Join us on a wonderful road trip through the vineyards of California when Tivoli Food Festival shows the intoxicating film Sideways under the open sky.

We follow the middle-aged duo Miles and Jack, both having a midlife crisis, on a wine tour through California to enjoy the sun and the freedom one last time before Jack gets married. Join them on the back seat through numerous wine tastings, pleasing hangovers, sunburned noses, and new friendships.

Sideways is a life-affirming and humorous declaration of love to friendship and the joys of wine and was awarded with an Oscar for best screenplay in 2005.