A Spectacular Flower Show

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Plænen - The Open Air Stage

Nicolai Bergmann transforms thousands of flowers into an enchanting fairytale when he tells beautiful stories from the stage at Plænen with his elegant flower sculptures.

Nicolai Bergmann is Tokyo's leading florist, balancing Scandinavian simplicity with a Japanese sense of embellishments and details. On a daily basis, he is busy creating floral art for royalty, celebrities, and exclusive fashion houses. However, on September 3rd, he invites all of Tivoli's guests into his spectacular flower workshop in the heart of the Tivoli gardens.

Cecilie Hother is the host. She has visited Nicolai in his home in Tokyo and will guide us through the story and the flowers.

Date: 3.September 2023
Time: 15.00-16.00 and 17.15-18.15
Place: Plænen
Price: included in the entrence to Tivoli