Barselona + Pil

Fascinating pop poetry

Friday, May 24, 2024

At 22:00

Plænen - The Open Air Stage

Barselona has been a musical powerhouse since their debut at the age of 16. With an impressive frequency of releases and constant touring activity, they have made themselves extremely noticed on the music scene.

Despite their young age of 22 and 23, they released their fourth album, Væbnet Hjerte, in September 2023, which immediately received glowing reviews and was called the band's best and most cohesive album to date. The music is both electronic, rocky, programmed, and bass heavy.

They have won the hearts of the audience with live concerts, praised for embracing everything from big choruses to heartfelt piano ballads. Barselona continues to peak artistically and is in an explosive development with both radio hits and sold-out concerts nationwide.

In 2023, Pil was hailed as the P3 Talent at the P3 Guld awards, and since then, she has made a strong mark. Her music has been a regular part of the biggest festivals and TV shows nationwide, including Northside, Heartland, Smukfest, Roskilde Festival, as well as X-Factor, P3 Guld, and De Største Øjeblikke.

In February 2024, Pil released the album Hvis Du Tør At Drømme, which delves deeply into her personal experiences. Her songwriting explores conflicted emotions and conveys them through uplifting melodies that invite you to dance. All with the desire to create a musical community and resonance among her audience.