Eee gee + Soleima

Impressive vocals

Friday, April 14, 2023

At 22:00

Plænen - The Open Air Stage

To most people, eee gee is still a new name to look out for, although she has already experienced great success in her short career. Her debut single Favourite Lover was released in 2021 and featured as a power-play on DR radio P3. Since then she has released a string of titles, culminating in February 2022 with her critically acclaimed debut album, Winning.
eee gee is the artist name of Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist. Her musical world is integrally accomplished yet also embraces paradox and offers a meld of the melancholy of Nordic pop and the warmth of Americana interspersed with elements of dusty-road country music. It all reaches perfect harmony when Emma lifts her voice.

Soleima is the stage name of singer-songwriter Sarah Mariegaard. Back in 2006, she started out as a member of the popular Aarhus hip-hop collective Flødeklinikken, famed for such airway hits as Jeg vil se dig græde and Piger med Pistoler. She debuted as a solo artist in 2015 with lyrics in English under the name Soleima, and two years later she won the P3 Gold talent award. Since then, she has set herself apart with such hits as Breathe, Paper, Cracks and Low Life, all of which achieved great radio airplay. The latter two songs also became power plays of the week on DR radio P3, paving the way for her American breakthrough. In the spring of 2022, she launched her new Danish-language venture with the singles Livet Begynder and Kanterne. Her music has never sounded greater.