Kristjan Järvi and the Tivoli Copenhagen Phil will be taking this musical and visual odyssey through the four elements in a quest for human potential. The inspiration stems from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Most Incredible Thing", describing the human urge to be dazzled by what is superficial and unimportant. During the concert, as in the fairy tale, a world of opportunity opens up via art, love and intuition.

What happens in Tivoli when the gates close and darkness falls? Do the rides keep whirling? Does the Tivoli Youth Guard keep marching? Do the ballet dancers carry on dancing the night away? A fairy-tale universe opens up in Tivoli by night, setting your imagination free with music as the driving force...

For years, Malmö Opera has been enjoying increasing success. Last year, Danish hands took over the reins when Michael Bojesen was appointed in charge of the management.

As usual, Tivoli is full of fun and festivities. The Tivoli Youth Guard will be on parade, playing concerts and taking care of the Tivoli prince and princess. An though Laura, their lady-in-waiting, will also be on duty, the two mischievous youngsters still manage to run off to find out whether there really is a dragon living under Tivoli. The children disappear and then it is the Tivoli Youth Guard's task to free them from the monster.

Summer Classic 2018 presents 27 concerts with Danish and international artists. Look through the program here.
Tickets will be on sale from March 23.

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