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Halloween in Tivoli

Come and experience the scary atmosphere and the Gardens decorated with pumpkins, scarecrows and all that creates the right Halloween mood for the whole family. We are open for 3 weeks from 10. October to 2. November.
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Copenhagen's biggest dining spot

With over 45 different menus, Tivoli has everything your heart and stomach desires. From pizza to steak, sushi and sandwiches - Tivoli serves it all.

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Hotel Scary

The Hotel is haunted, look over your shoulder when you walk around in the scary area. In Hotel Scary there are no guarantees...

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Experience Tivoli

  • Horror, thrills and spine chills

    Halloween in Tivoli is the stuff that nightmares are made of. When darkness falls, eeriness creeps in. In the gloomy nooks and crannies of Scary Alley lurk gruesome monsters and nasty surprises, zombies strut their stuff in Crow Castle, terrifying screams resound from Denmark’s most haunted hotel, and even in the daylight the gardens are full of witchcraft. You’ll take a second look under the bed and sleep with the lights on after a Halloween trip to Tivoli!

  • Hotel Scary

    Do you dare visit our haunted hotel? (Only for adults and children over 12, unsuitable for anyone else ...)
  • Scary Alley

    For the rest of the year the Alley is a place for a pleasant stroll amongst the stalls and games. But when darkness falls over the Halloween Gardens, you never know what creepy things you’ll encounter there. The whole area becomes a special “Spooky Zone” with terrifying, digital, animatronic effects. Anything can happen. Who knows whether that normal dad right next to you might suddenly turn out to be a werewolf? If you dare to enter after dark, it is at your own risk!

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