Tivoli Puzzle

Download, play and earn points for exciting experiences

Tivoli Puzzle takes you on a magic journey through Tivoli Gardens. Earn points you can use for admission tickets, food and other Tivoli goodies.

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The Tivoli magic

The game play is set in our most popular rides like the Roller Coaster or the Flying Trunk. Get into the proper Tivoli-spirit with the familiar sounds of the Gardens and with the special Tivoli stories that are featured throughout the game.

Constantly evolving

Tivoli Puzzle is continuously evolving with new additions; new levels, themes, prizes and much more keeps the Tivoli Puzzle experience fun and exciting.

How to get started


Below you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding Tivoli Puzzle.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact tivolipuzzle@pointvoucher.com

We hope you enjoy playing Tivoli Puzzle.

  1. What do I need to play Tivoli Puzzle?

    Being able to play Tivoli Puzzle depends mostly on the device you’re using. Currently we only support android and iOS devices with minimum operating system version android 4.0.1 and iOS 8.0 and minimum 256 RAM memory to be able to run the game. For Apple devices we support from iPhone 4s and iPAD 2 to newer devices. Contact us if in doubt. Tivoli Puzzle can be downloaded completely for free on the App Store and Google Play store. The game offers in-app purchases.

  2. My game doesn’t run smoothly. What can I do?

    Make sure that you do not have a lot of other apps running at the same time as Tivoli Puzzle, since this can have a significant impact on the performance of the game. On Android, you can try clearing the cache (not data).

  3. I cannot download or update the game

    On iOS, you might have parental control turned on, and will have to disable it. Go to Settings > General > Tap Restrictions > Turn off restrictions on Tivoli Puzzle. On Android, this is typically an issue with Google Play. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play > Clear Cache.

  4. How do I play Tivoli Puzzle?

    Please see the “How to play” section under setting in the Tivoli Puzzle for how to play the game.

  5. Can I reset my score?

    We do not provide ability to reset score at this moment.

  6. Can I play the game, if I have no internet connection?

    Yes, you are able to play Tivoli Puzzle, but you will not earn Voucher Points and cannot make In-App purchases until you are online again.

  7. What are voucher points?

    Voucher points are a separate currency in the Tivoli Puzzle that can be used for buying real life product vouchers in the Tivoli Puzzle voucher shop or the Pointvoucher shop

    How do I earn voucher points?

    You earn voucher points by playing the Tivoli Puzzle game. The more you play the more voucher points you earn. You can see how many voucher points you have earned in the Tivoli Puzzle Game on the main screen upper right corner – next to the gift icon. Note: You need to create a user profile in the Tivoli Puzzle game using your Facebook login to start earning voucher points.  

    How do I use voucher points?

    You can use voucher points to buy real life vouchers on products ranging from beverages to hotel discount and free amusement park admittance in the Voucher Shop. Log into the Voucher Shop through the Tivoli Puzzle Game or http://pointvoucher.com/

    I cannot buy the voucher I want in the voucher shop, what is wrong?

    1. You are not logged in to your Tivoli Puzzle profile

    2. You do not have enough voucher points to buy the voucher

    3. There are no more vouchers available of the voucher you want to buy

  8. I have created a profile but not earning voucher points?

    1. You have to be logged in with your Facebook in the game before you start earning voucher points

    2. You have to be online on mobile data or WiFi to earn voucher points

    3. You may have reached the max number of voucher points you can earn per day 25.000 voucher points. Play again tomorrow to earn more voucher points 

  9. If I reinstall the game, will I keep my voucher points?

    All voucher points, that you earned while being authorized with Facebook are preserved. This means that you must be logged into the game at all times to save all the voucher points you generate.

  10. How do I redeem a voucher?

    When you buy a voucher in the Tivoli Puzzle voucher shop or Pointvoucher shop then terms and conditions for using the voucher is explained in the voucher text. Most vouchers need to be claimed in the physical location e.g. in Tivoli. When you buy a voucher you will both receive the voucher via your registered email address and in your Tivoli Puzzle voucher shop account under “My voucher”. You can either bring a printout of the received voucher email or show the digital voucher on your mobile devise at the physical location.

    I cannot use my voucher, what is wrong?

    1. You voucher is not valid – please check the expiry date and terms of use of the voucher

    2. You have already claimed your voucher. A voucher can only be claimed one time.

    Please note: your vouchers are linked to your personal Facebook page and Tivoli has limited possibilities helping you restore any lost or damaged vouchers.  

Terms and conditions

See terms and conditions or privacy policy for Tivoli Puzzle