A word from the Chairman

There are many pleasurable moments when looking back on 2018. Tivoli celebrated its 175th anniversary with a wide range of new activities, including an Anniversary Parade, the inauguration of the new Tik Tak ride as well as a visit from the New York City Ballet. The anniversary year marked the introduction of a new season in February, Winter in Tivoli, making Tivoli a truly year-round business.

With the new season, Tivoli is now open during every quarter of the year, following its strategy to be a year-round business. The year-round operation of Tivoli Corner and other activities at the edge of Tivoli is also an important element of this strategy. Another important element is the use of the Halls, which in 2018 welcomed almost 400,000 visitors, which is the highest figure ever. Winter in Tivoli was warmly received and attracted almost 10,000 visitors every day. Altogether, the Gardens were open for 282 days in 2018, which is 39 more than in 2017 and the highest number ever. 

Tom Knutzen
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tivoli's more recent business areas are also developing. Tivoli has acquired 50% of the rights to Rasmus Klump from Egmont. In the future, Rasmus Klump will "live" in Tivoli, and Tivoli and Egmont have formed a partnership that will develop the famous figure, including through a new TV series.

Digitisation is a major focus area in Tivoli. The Tivoli Pass was introduced in 2018 to replace the annual card. Now monthly payment is possible, and the Tivoli Pass is valid from the date of purchase rather than following the calendar year. With the Tivoli App, the Tivoli Pass is always at hand. This model has been requested for many years and is now possible due to technology.

Tivoli's development affects all of Copenhagen. In 2018, Lonely Planet, which publishes travel guides and writes about exciting destinations, named Copenhagen the city to visit in 2019. A prime reason for the honour was that Tivoli is beating the winter blues with Winter in Tivoli and the Copenhagen Light Festival, making February very special. Tivoli was also mentioned in Time Magazine's list of the world's 100 Greatest Places. This increased attention in the business brings with it demands such as widespread accessibility by aircraft, train and ship, and efficient and well planned infrastructure in Copenhagen so that tourists can easily find their way around. It is therefore crucial that legislators and the granting authorities continue to focus on the area to ensure that tourism can develop sustainably while benefiting the economy. 

The annual attendance figures totalled 4.85 million, which is 11% higher than in 2017 and is the highest figure in recent times. In 2018, revenue comprised DKK xxxbillion including leaseholders and tenants, and DKK 1.5 billion excluding leaseholders and tenants, i.e. 18% and 13% higher than last year, respectively. Profits before tax in 2018 amounted to DKK 120.6 million, which is 20% higher than last year. The high attendance figures, revenue growth and the highest profit in Tivoli's history confirm Tivoli's current strategy of being a year-round business. The major investments during Tivoli's anniversary year have therefore boosted business and consequently the core business, the Gardens on Vesterbrogade 3 and the new activities have the wind in their sails, which promises a bright future for both the company and visitors to the Gardens.

We succeeded in becoming a year-round business!

Lars Liebst



  • A good place to work

    We aim to be a good, attractive and professional workplace

  • Quality

    We aim to deliver quality and service at a high, international standard

  • Development

    We aim to develop and expand our business, starting with the Gardens

  • Profit

    We aim to achieve profits large enough to ensure that Tivoli can continue to develop new, attractive experiences

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DKK 1,292.7 mio.
DKK 1,519.5 mio.
DKK 100.5 mio.
DKK 120.6 mio.


The activity level in Tivoli has never been higher than in 2018. The amusement gardens opened in February and were open for a total of 282 days. The year-round activities grew with Tivoli Corner in full operation and Nimb thriving.

February 2018 will go down in Tivoli's history, as it was the year when Winter in Tivoli finally became a reality. Tivoli's CEO Lars Liebst thinks back: "When Christmas in Tivoli opened, plenty of people said it would never succeed. Outside Tivoli, people said Tivoli was only a summer attraction. Inside Tivoli, people said there would never be time to prepare for the next summer season and that the rides wouldn't run in cold weather. But normally, where there's a will, there's a way. Back in 1994, Christmas in Tivoli became a great success for Tivoli and for Copenhagen."

In 2006, Tivoli followed its success with Halloween in Tivoli, and now 12 years later, the seasons are once again being expanded with Winter in Tivoli. The February season stands out from the other seasons with a unique visual concept based on ice, snow and frost. Tivoli is also part of the Copenhagen Light Festival and therefore displays unique light installations that visitors cannot see at other times of the year. An atmospheric skating rink in front of Nimb and a gigantic igloo with activities for children are also unique to Winter in Tivoli. Already in 2019, Winter in Tivoli was expanded to include the whole Gardens except for some areas under construction.

Year-round business

The February season boosted revenue for the first quarter. Lars Liebst: "It was important to increase revenue in the first quarter, otherwise Tivoli would be left too vulnerable to fluctuating weather conditions during the year. One way to achieve this was to make the most of buildings that were otherwise standing empty."

Historically, the start of the year is usually characterised by construction and thereby costs. A few years ago, Tivoli's revenue in the first quarter comprised a few businesses at the periphery of Tivoli that could remain open year round because there was access from the street. Slowly, the activities in the first quarter grew. 

The earliest initiatives included renovating The Glass Hall Theatre and the Tivoli Concert Hall to facilitate their use year round for Tivoli's home-grown performances or renting out. The opening of Nimb Hotel and the associated restaurants gave another boost that was followed up in 2018 by Tivoli Corner. Nimb Roof opened as an exclusive relaxation area for the hotel's guests. During the hot, dry summer, the area proved ideal for intimate concerts and drinks in the warm evening air. With hammam and fitness facilities in the basement, Nimb Hotel can now treat guests to a special wellness experience.

Nimb is also responsible for Tivoli's Nimb Event department. Tivoli's many beautiful venues, which in 2019 were expanded to include rooms in the nearby historic Axelborg building complex, are being used more frequently for meetings and functions, and are as practical outside the four seasons as when the Gardens are fully open.


2+2 is 5 when the right brands make contact. That is the mindset behind Tivoli's brand strategy, and in 2018 it resulted in the design company Normann Copenhagen launching a product line named Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen. Inside the Gardens, Little Tivoli opened with unique souvenirs. And Rasmus Klump has moved even closer to Tivoli.

In October 2018, 300 product numbers from the product line Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen reached shops all over the world. Normann Copenhagen offers homeware in modern, high-quality designs. The designers have included inspiration from Tivoli's many details in subtle and inferred ways in cutlery, vases and textiles. The range includes a series of wooden figurines of Columbine, Pierrot and Harlequin, which are more directly linked with the amusement gardens.

The products were presented in May 2018 to the Danish and international media and Normann Copenhagen's sales force, which covers more than 80 countries. A year of design preparation preceded the launch of the many products, which are also available online. 

Little Tivoli is the name of Tivoli's own gift shop in the heart of the Gardens close to the Ferris Wheel. Tivoli's designers have developed unique products for the shop such as mugs, tins and tote bags that are not only souvenirs but also have practical functions while capturing the Tivoli atmosphere.

Since 2010, when the playground Rasmus Klump's World opened, Tivoli and Egmont Publishing have collaborated on Rasmus Klump as a Tivoli figure. The popular bear has both his own pancake house and theatre near the playground. During Halloween in Tivoli, the Rasmus Klump shows are performed on the Open Air Stage to accommodate the large crowds waiting to meet Rasmus and his friends. In 2018, Tivoli acquired 50% of the rights to Rasmus Klump from Egmont. Together, Tivoli and Egmont have formed a joint venture to strengthen and develop the Rasmus Klump brand worldwide within areas such as entertainment, toys, edutainment (fun, play and learning), textiles and home accessories. In addition, existing and new licensees will develop new ideas to innovate the brand. 

One of Tivoli's earliest brand collaborations, with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group on the Tivoli Hotel, marked its 10th anniversary in 2018. It was back in 2008 that the strategic partnership began concerning the Tivoli-branded hotel, which now includes almost 700 rooms and a congress centre.


A trip to Tivoli is highly analogue: We are here together right now, feeling the grass beneath our feet, hearing the music, seeing Pierrot and laughing together. We are free to focus on all that much better when we allow technology to assist with practical tasks. Virtual Reality etc. also provide some very extraordinary experiences.

For a long time, Tivoli's visitors have been requesting a pass that is valid from the date of purchase and lasts for one year, regardless of when it is purchased. At the same time, Tivoli has wanted to reward its most loyal customers with more benefits. Both became possible due to the digital development Tivoli has under way.

Tivoli took a large step in its digital journey in the autumn of 2018 when the new season pass, the Tivoli Pass, was launched alongside the Tivoli Lux reward programme. The Tivoli Pass is valid from the month of purchase plus 11 months, and no longer follows the calendar year. If the subscription scheme is selected, there is no need to worry about renewing the pass. If this solution is chosen, it also provides access to the Tivoli Lux benefits.

Digital solutions facilitate serving Tivoli's visitors better before, during and after their visits. Tivoli's app is being continuously expanded – in fact, the new Tivoli Pass is purely digital and only available via Tivoli's app. The app can also store the family's other passes, display and access the Lux benefits, download photos from rides and be used to buy Unlimited Ride Tickets. With Tivoli's app for smartphones, no time is wasted searching for information in various places. Visitors can simply focus on having fun and enjoying themselves. We cannot ignore that the digital world also provides scope for great experiences with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and different forms of gaming, which are also areas where Tivoli is active.


More than 3,700 people work in Tivoli during the course of a single year. Of these, 2,000 have contracts with Tivoli A/S, and the remainder have contracts with restaurants and other tenants and leaseholders.

The 2,000 Tivoli employees are a mixed range of young and more mature, permanent and part-time employees, and women and men with diverse ethnic backgrounds, faiths, sexual orientations and educations.

As a workplace, Tivoli is characterised by a high degree of professionalism with specialists responsible for each individual job function. For example, there are architects, engineers, Masters of Business Administration, university graduates and many craftspeople as well as employees with artistic educations.

But Tivoli is also a workplace for unskilled employees who become specialists in their own specific jobs because they put their hearts into their work and remain in their positions for a long time. A number of employees therefore receive on-the-job training, becoming team leaders and heads of department, and the formal level of education loses its importance as their practical experience prevails.

Tivoli is committed to retaining and developing its employees. The same applies to helping to train young people. Tivoli offers work placements to students and trainees in a wide range of professions, and is pleased to employ particularly vulnerable employees who, for various reasons, cannot hold down full-time jobs.

In a survey from the consulting company Universum, Tivoli is ranked 19 on a list of Denmark's most popular employers. The survey is based on Danes with an average of eight years of experience in business – of whom 2,072 have a "business education background". This is the first time that Tivoli is on the list.

One example of the loyalty Tivoli's employees often display towards their workplace is Jack Elsberg, who retired in 2018 after 40 years of employment in Tivoli, where one of his positions was as head of the engineering workshop. Elsberg's long service in Tivoli was rewarded with Dronningens Fortjenstmedalje (a medal of merit bestowed by the Danish Queen)

employee satisfaction

Average percentage of employees who agree that "Tivoli is a good place to work overall"













Sickness absence


3.1 % Tivoli

3.3 % DA


2.8 % Tivoli

3.1 % DA


3.1 % Tivoli

2.9 % DA


3.1 % Tivoli

3.1 % DA


2.6 % Tivoli

3.1 % DA


2, % Tivoli

3,1 % DA


Tivoli's visitors remain very satisfied with their experiences in the Gardens and are happy to recommend Tivoli to friends and family. The special atmosphere is particularly attractive to guests according to the reasons stated by the participants in the survey questionnaire that Tivoli distributes. In 2018, the largest groups of visitors were families with children under 12 years as well as visitors with cultural interests. Cultural interests would include Friday Rock, for example, which is an important reason for Pass holders to visit.

Eating in Tivoli is also highlighted as a reason for visiting Tivoli. Here, the surveys state that Tivoli Food Hall has improved its range of restaurants and food stands, and consequently the percentage of visitors who find Tivoli's eating options relevant has risen between 2017 and 2018. Particularly younger visitors under 40 years of age know and use the Tivoli Food Hall.

The distribution between Tivoli visits made by tourists and locals has not substantially changed. As a result of the summer season's high attendance figures, the figures are slightly misleading: Though the percentage of tourists fell slightly, the actual figure rose. 

The frequency of the surveys has changed so that the summer season is always included, whereas Winter, Halloween and Christmas in Tivoli are included in turn. The following graphics are therefore based on figures from 2018 as well as 2017.

Number of guests who would


recommend Tivoli

Winter in Tivoli 2018
Summer in Tivoli 2018
Halloween in Tivoli 2017
Christmas in Tivoli 2017


  • 1
  • 2
    Rest of the world
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

guest segments

Winter in Tivoli 2018
Summer in Tivoli 2018
Halloween in Tivoli 2017
Christmas in Tivoli 2017

Age distribution

Winter in Tivoli 2018
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over
Summer in Tivoli 2018
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over
Halloween in Tivoli 2017
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over
Christmas in Tivoli 2017
Up to 25 years
26-35 years
36-45 years
46-55 years
56-65 years
65 years or over


The world comes together in Tivoli, was the headline for Tivoli's 175th anniversary, which was launched in February with a new season, Winter in Tivoli.

Winter in Tivoli during February has the theme of light, with scenographies reflecting a frosty universe full of snow and ice crystals. Tivoli has actively participated in establishing the Copenhagen Light Festival, and Winter in Tivoli has a number of original light installations including two illumination shows on the Tivoli Lake, Vølvens Spådom (the Prophecy of the Seeress) and Tango Jalousie.

The skating rink in front of Nimb underlines the theme of ice together with a 15-metre-tall igloo with play activities for children. Hobby workshops were also held in the Tivoli Castle and the Orangery. Visitors in 2018 could also ride the Roller Coaster and other selected rides. The restaurants in the open area remained open and also had very good special offers in week 6 during Tivoli Dining Week.

Tivoli's visitors would have liked more of the Gardens to be open, and very quickly the Orient was prepared and opened with rides such as the Golden Tower and the Classic Carousel.

Tik Tak

The popular Spinning Top ride was replaced by Tik Tak, which was scheduled to open in April. However, it was not to be. Various technical difficulties postponed the opening until August, but when Tik Tak actually opened, it was warmly praised for its inviting design. For example, it received a design award from a German magazine for the amusement ride industry.

Tik Tak is a time machine that sends its occupants round and round – also upside down – among images from Tivoli's history. The ride was designed by Tivoli's own designers to match the theme of exploration that underpins the whole Merry Corner.

The Anniversary Garden

Tivoli's summer season began historically early on 23 March. At that time, winter had made a comeback, bringing frost and snow throughout Denmark at a time when spring should have been well under way. This posed challenges for, among others, the gardeners, who were landscaping the Anniversary Garden between the Peacock and Mazzoli's restaurants. The Anniversary Garden now features new covered seating, a Nordic birch forest and new planting.



  • The Odin Express

  • The Flying Trunk




With a very special greeting from Disney, Tivoli's Anniversary Parade premiered in May. It was the biggest parade Tivoli has ever produced, with five large floats with the themes food, music, dance, rides and gardens. The last float was designed by the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando on the theme "it's a small small world". Aboard the float, the figures of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse sealed the good relationship between the two companies. This generated plenty of positive publicity, not least as Tivoli could describe that Walt Disney himself visited the Gardens many times gathering inspiration while Disneyland in California was being built.

Despite its title "Mor og far sidder i Grøften" (mum and dad sitting in The Ditch), Tivoli's anniversary show at The Glass Hall Theatre was not intended for children but for adults looking for a laugh. Peter Frödin, Anders W. Berthelsen, Mia Lyhne and Kirsten Lehfeldt delivered a sketch show with odd characters in mysterious scenarios they had based on Tivoli's history.

Tivoli's formal birthday, on 15 August, saw the premiere of the New York City Ballet's guest performance at the Tivoli Concert Hall – the first in 10 years. This was a happy reunion with one of the world's best ballet companies performing both classical and modern works.

On the birthday itself, fireworks also returned to Tivoli. The long dry summer had prohibited fireworks in Tivoli and consequently, this year's Midsummer's Eve bonfire was replaced by an electronic light installation. In mid-August, some rain finally fell, and Tivoli's big anniversary firework display was held as planned to the delight of the Gardens' visitors. The firework festival during Christmas in Tivoli could be held as planned to mark the anniversary as a tribute to Tivoli icons such as Pierrot, Harlequin, Columbine and Tivoli's founder Georg Carstensen.

The anniversary was also celebrated with a special beer from Royal Unibrew, Cuvee Carstensen. The beer was created by master brewer Anders Kissmeyer, who included yuzu fruit to add a fresh flavour befitting the champagne-style beer. Wine connoisseur Peter Vinding-Diers blended a red wine and a white wine for H.J. Hansen Vine, Tivoli EtSyvFem. The red wine is full-bodied and fruity with notes of blackberry, plum, cherry and touches of spice combined with a finely balanced acidity and soft tannins. The white wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc/Viognier/Chardonnay. The artist Tal R illustrated the label.


By the end of 2017, Nimb Hotel had grown from 17 to 38 rooms. In 2018, the hotel expansion culminated with the opening of Nimb Roof and Nimb Wellness.

Nimb Roof is the hotel's roof terrace with a swimming pool, bar and lounge area on top of Tivoli Corner. The unique location adds another special feature to Nimb Hotel, and the roof terrace really proved its worth during the hot summer. Nimb arranged special rooftop events with live music, grill evenings and drinks, which were warmly received.

Nimb Wellness is on the basement floor of the Tivoli Corner. This fully furnished fitness venue has a special climate to increase the effect of a workout. It also has a hammam and treatment rooms offering facials, wellness massages, yoga massages, acupuncture and more besides. Nimb Wellness is for the hotel guests, but membership of the Nimb Club provides access to the facilities.

Tivoli Corner has received a grand total of three awards.
1. American Architecture Awards from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.
2. An International Architecture Award from the same organisations.
3. An Award of Merit from The American Institute of Architects New York State.

A Danish documentary series in four episodes about Nimb – the small hotel with big dreams allowed all of Denmark to follow what it takes to run a luxury hotel.

In the summer of 2018, Nimb Event took over the function rooms at Axelborg and could then accommodate the increasing demand for events.

Nimb's other restaurants were also well-visited in 2018, and the green restaurant Gemyse continues to harvest wide-spread recognition for its innovative view of green cuisine. With Mette Dahlgaard at the helm, Gemyse attracts guests from near and far, and the restaurant is praised for being both elegant and relaxed with room for both guests enjoying large dinners and others tucking into campfire bread twists and hot chocolate by the Gardens' bonfires.


During the anniversary year, there was a special focus on performances in the Halls and unique events for the whole family at weekends.

The Halls

Tivoli's theatre halls, The Glass Hall Theatre and the Tivoli Concert Hall, are now largely in operation all year round. As early as in January, the musical "Chess" premiered at the Tivoli Concert Hall. The show, produced by Mikkel Rønnow, was a huge success, not least thanks to Xenia Lach-Nielsen as the woman who falls in love with the Russian chess master played by Stig Rossen. The critics praised both her voice and her dramatic performance and singled out not least the hit "I know him so well" for special acclaim.

Tivoli and Thomas Langkjær Entertainment as well as Live Nation produced "Midt om Natten", a musical based on the film with music by Kim Larsen. The young debutant Gustav Wolter kicked off his career in spectacular style in the role of Benny, the role Kim Larsen himself played in the film.

Live Nation and Thomas Langkjær Entertainment showed "Kærlighed ved første hik – the musical" (love at first hiccup – the musical) at the Concert Hall in October, creating a nostalgic reunion for many people who were young in the 1990s and were fans of the films about Anja and Viktor.

At The Glass Hall Theatre, comedians from "Rytteriet" moved in during the spring with a show featuring known and new characters in a Tivoli setting with a large carousel taking centre stage. Martin Buch and Rasmus Botoft were accompanied by Bodil Jørgensen and Bjørn Fjæstad with his band.

Christmas in Tivoli featured the return of the ballet "The Nutcracker" at the Tivoli Concert Hall, where a record-breaking number of guests had eagerly bought tickets. Several aspects of the show were given a new twist. For example, Hans Christian Andersen was given a little more space for a small love story.

Once again, the children's parts were danced by students from the Tivoli Ballet School, which now has 370 students and a long waiting list for the 37 classes.

In The Glass Hall Theatre, the "Crazy Christmas Cabaret" was back even after announcing that 2017 would see its farewell performance. The protests of the loyal audience prompted the crazy Brits from the London Toast Theatre to return to the stage, which also welcomed the Fairy-Tale Theatre several times.

The above-mentioned activities attracted almost 400,000 visitors to the Halls in Tivoli.

Tivoli productions 2018



NUMBER OF Productions



Weekend after weekend, Tivoli presents themed events that bring the Gardens to life and delight the whole family. Traditional recurring themes such as Greenland in Tivoli, Music School Day and Dogs' Day are supplemented with new themes such as chili and tomato tasting and the Rasmus Klump festival. Rasmus Klump also celebrated Tivoli's anniversary with a new show in which he sails the seven seas exploring the whole world.

Tivoli also had the chance to show a range of matches from the Football World Cup on a big screen on the Open Air Stage where the lively crowd were in high spirits reminiscent of a real stadium.

Tivoli Ballet Theatre was very sorrowful to lose its dramaturg of many years, Henrik Lyding, who died suddenly in July, leaving a memorable legacy. Thanks to his devoted work, the old Casorti pantomimes can still be performed and make audiences laugh, as they continued to do throughout the summer at the Pantomime Theatre. The season also offered an Easter show named The Ugly Chicken, featuring students from the Tivoli Ballet School. Popular ballets such as The Steadfast Tin Soldier and Butterfly Lovers as well as an abbreviated version of Bournonville's La Sylphide also returned to the stage.

Friday Rock

The year's 24 Friday Rock concerts presented a total of 35 names. Tivoli negotiated a higher sound level for most of the concerts in return for reducing sound levels in the Gardens in other ways. The agreement made with the City of Copenhagen stated that Tivoli should no longer hold firework displays on Wednesdays and should shut down all the rides when the concerts start on Fridays at 22:00. Tivoli's concertgoers were satisfied with the higher sound level. The number of neighbours who contacted Tivoli about sound levels fell from 20 in 2017 to 8 in 2018. In August, solutions were tested that were suggested by the EU project MONICA, which works on using technology to improve sound and health and safety at outdoor concerts. The results have yet to be published.

The year's major international concerts included the Norwegian band a-ha and the American Hollywood Vampires starring living legends Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp as driving forces. Major Danish names who also made their mark included Scarlet Pleasure, Christopher and Rasmus Seebach.

In July, Kim Larsen performed one of his last concerts, and closed Tivoli in the sense that at one point, so many people were in the Gardens that no more were let in.

And by the way, the Friday Rock bars now serve only completely organic beer from Royal Unibrew, just like all Tivoli's own drink outlets.


  • Kim Larsen

  • A-Ha

  • Kesi / Hugo Helmig

  • Scarlett Pleasure

  • Rasmus Seebach


The Tivoli Copenhagen Phil remains the focal point for classical music in Tivoli with its own, regular concerts as well as its role as the backbone of a range of individual events such as the family concert Tivoli by Night. The orchestra's performances in 2018 also included the Nutcracker and the guest performance by the New York City Ballet. As always, the 64 Summer Classic concerts spanned from a range of con amore concerts with free admission for visitors with Tivoli Passes to flagship concerts starring major global names such as the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim, András Schiff and the Russian National Orchestra, rising stars like the pianist Daniil Trifonov, the tenor Bror Magnus Tødenes and the star violinist Ray Chen as well as fantastic Danish performers including Michala Petri, Andreas Brantelid and Katrine Gislinge.

On 24 June, Queen Ingrid's Honorary Grant was awarded to the Norwegian opera singer Lise Davidsen and ballerina Astrid Grarup Elbo from the Royal Danish Ballet.

summer classic TOP 5

Most seen concerts

  • West-Eastern Divan Orchestra & Barenboim

  • Trifonov & Chopin

  • Concert for Michala Petri

  • Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

  • Schiff & Bach


Tivoli's service philosophy is based on Customer Experience Management (CEM), which is based on the complete visitor experience.

Tivoli is focusing so much on digitisation these years because its visitor experience begins at home long before the visit to Tivoli becomes a reality. Is the information required for the decision-making process easy to find? Is it easy to buy tickets? Do visitors get help finding their way? These aspects and much more besides are crucial if visitors are to feel well treated.

During the visit, the range and quality of the services are given as much priority as the personal service that visitors encounter. And the experience continues at home after the visit: Where are my photos from rides? Where can I get help if we lost something? Where can I ask questions or comment on my visit?

This entire value chain is continually pressure tested by Tivoli's team at CEM, Customer Experience Management, the department where Tivoli Academy is based. The Tivoli Academy offers courses in positive visitor experiences, and during the year, they trained officers from the Danish Parliament, SEAT's car dealers and employees working at HK's call centre.

While at the Tivoli Academy, the course participants benefit not only from receiving theoretical CEM training but also from visiting Tivoli, where they can test the methods.


2019 offers a range of new rides, including Mælkevejen, which will replace the Odin Express, and the new Camel Trail, which is coming to the area called the Orient, where Fatamorgana will be updated with new wilder functionality. These new rides and the construction of Tivoli Centre will affect the Gardens' operations to some extent.

The Tivoli Concert Hall presented the first performance of the ballet The Snow Queen in conjunction with Christmas in Tivoli. The show is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale and was created by the team behind Cinderella at the Pantomime Theatre: choreographer Yuri Possokhov, composer Oh Land and set designer Queen Margrethe.

Tivoli's upcoming summer season will celebrate the Tivoli Youth Guard's 175th anniversary with more events, including a festive birthday concert in August. Also in August, the first students will start at the Tivoli Music School. Just as the Tivoli Ballet School benefits from the professional environment surrounding the Tivoli Ballet Theatre, the Tivoli Youth Guard will take the Tivoli Music School under its wing.

Both schools will move into Tivoli Centre in Tietgensgade when it is complete. Until then, they will rehearse in existing rooms in Tivoli.

The Waffle Bakery, dating back to 1908, is being carefully renovated from top to toe, and will be ready when the summer season opens in April 2019.

 With the establishment of the Retail & Licensing department, branding activity will increase. The Rasmus Klump brand will be developed further inside and outside Tivoli, and finding new collaboration agreements on the use of the Tivoli brand will be on the agenda.

Tivoli's general competitive situation is complex and constantly challenged. E-games and streaming, new band venues and stages, more festivals and new meeting and conference facilities are competing for consumers' attention, time and money. In the amusement area, many people are willing to travel further to visit the large amusement parks. As a business, Tivoli cannot expect to share in this limelight without developing and renewing the story of the amusement gardens. This requires collaboration, both with the politicians, administrators and the citizens of Copenhagen. It is important that this dialogue is continuous.

It is part of Tivoli's DNA to be constantly developing, and as Tivoli's founder once said, Tivoli will never be finished. 


Tivoli recognises its position as a leading Danish cultural institution and provider of entertainment and recreational activities. The Tivoli brand entails an obligation, and Tivoli is committed to acting responsibly and contributing to society in every way. This applies both in respect of Tivoli's visitors and Tivoli's employees, the environment and our cultural heritage. Tivoli's three-tier CSR policy therefore relates to its visitors, employees and surroundings.

Impressive results were achieved in 2018 within the areas of visitors and surroundings, where both the use of organic goods and animal welfare were among the success stories linked to Tivoli's CSR work. Tivoli F&B (Food & Beverage) is pioneering the amusement business in terms of sustainable restaurant operations. Ecology and animal welfare are priorities, with a constant focus on resource consciousness, including avoiding food waste.

Tivoli F&B runs 37 restaurants and food stands in Tivoli, spanning from mobile popcorn stands to actual restaurants such as wagamama and Mazzoli's. Readers who have followed Tivoli's CSR reports over the years will know that higher-welfare pork and beef have become increasingly widespread. The same applies to the use of organic bread. Tivoli can also present six organic cuisine labels, four bronze labels, for which at least 30% of the products must be organic, and two silver labels, for which at least 60% of the products must be organic. All Tivoli's restaurants and food stands have also switched to organic draught beer.

A comprehensive strategy has now been devised for the area. This determines that Tivoli should reach out to and collaborate with producers who can develop and deliver products that live up to Tivoli's quality demands for flavour and appearance, while prioritising product sustainability. By working with small producers, Tivoli also typically manages to ensure shorter transport routes.

Communication is an important part of the strategy. Every single employee influences whether the strategy succeeds, partly because employees must explain to visitors about the food they are serving, and partly because ultimately the employees must make the right decisions to avoid food waste. To help with this, a reporting system has been established to enable follow-up feedback on how much prepared food is scrapped at closing time at every restaurant and food stall.

Organic products and animal welfare are also spreading to Nimb's restaurants. Gemyse has achieved an organic cuisine label, Nimb's bakery is 100% organic, and all the dairy products at Nimb's restaurants are organic. All the chickens are free-range. Both chickens and other meat are selected based on their quality, and some work lies ahead in documenting animal welfare as suppliers have not always joined the various labelling schemes. The same applies to vegetables.

Download Tivoli's full CSR report for 2018