Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tik Tak, Tivoli's new ride for 2018 is Dutch

Tivoli's new ride in its 175-year jubilee year will be named Tik Tak. It has been manufactured by Dutch company Mondial (Shake R5) and replaces the Spinning Top ride (Breakdance, from Huss), which carried almost 14 million visitors during its 29 years in Tivoli. Tik Tak opens in the early summer of2018.

From the early summer 2018, visitors to Tivoli can try out a new ride which will entertain both thrill-seekers and families with children. As with all Tivoli rides, Tik Tak's design was created especially for the style-conscious amusement park by Tivoli's in-house design department. The design theme is similar to that of the Star Flyer and Aquila in the area known as the Merry Corner, which is strongly inspired by the idea of a journey of discovery, whether in the stars, in the world of science or in time.

When visitors board Tik Tak, they will sit among gears, gadgets and ingenious mechanisms, ready for a journey through space and time. In this time travel ride, our securely seated visitors glide – although some may feel more as if they are thrown – through time. Dizziness is almost guaranteed once the giant clockwork mechanism starts swinging.
Visitors are rotated both vertically and horizontally at high speed, while being exposed to forces approaching 4G. The ride has a capacity of up to 750 visitors per hour. Tik Tak replaces the Spinning Top, which has carried 14 million visitors since it opened in Tivoli in 1988. On 31 December 2017, its final day, the Spinning Top provided 2,717 visitor trips.

Tik Tak in brief
Name: Tik Tak
Manufacturer: Mondial, the Netherlands
Model: Shake R5
Design: Tivoli Creative Development
Capacity: 40 visitors per trip. 750 per hour.
Number of gondolas: 20
Height: 8 metres
G-force: 3.6 G
Minimum passenger height: 140 cm

About Tivoli
Tivoli’s founder Georg Carstensen was inspired by European pleasure gardens and with the Danish king’s permission, opened Tivoli Gardens on 15 August 1843. 
Today, Tivoli is Denmark’s most popular attraction with 4.6 million visitors in 2016. About one third of its visitors are tourists. The Tivoli experience includes rides and games, live music and ballet every day throughout the summer at the open-air stages, performances in several indoor venues, and spectacular scenery with flower gardens and unique architecture. The cherished traditions include The Tivoli Youth Guard marching band, the illuminations, and weekly fireworks displays.
Tivoli has 23 restaurants, 14 fast food outlets, 5 bars and 2 cafés, making it the biggest dining spot in Copenhagen. Many of the outlets are open all year, among them the Nimb Hotel, which was named “Hotel of The Year 2015” by Small Luxury Hotels of the World. In November 2017, Tivoli Corner opened featuring the Tivoli Food Hall, roof-top terrace, restaurants and 21 rooms for the Nimb Hotel.
In 2016, Tivoli and its concessions had a turnover of DKK 1.3 billion, and Tivoli A/S achieved a profit for the year before tax of DKK 96.3 million.

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