As a student or apprentice in Tivoli, you get a lot of responsibility and many challenges. We adapt the individual education to your level and the pace that suits you. During your apprenticeship you will experience personal and professional development and be well prepared for your working life.

We expect the students and apprentices we educate, always do their best, take responsibility for their own learning and education, and have the courage and desire to learn something.

We educate students and apprentices within the subject areas:

Office administration, Event Coordinator, Chef, Waiter, Pastry Chef, Carpenter, Gardener, Automatic Technician, Cleaning Technician, Flower Decorator and Theater, Exhibition and Event Technician

If you have had contact with a vocational school and are ready to start your education, send your application here.
Please note that teaching at the school is in Danish.



Please read the following before you send your internship application via ‘Apply for an internship’ at the bottom of the page.

Internship in connection with Higher Education

If you want to apply for an internship at Tivoli, you must send an application no later than three months before your internship period begins. You can apply in all departments in Tivoli.

Company internship, job with wage subsidy and the like

Tivoli has a collaboration agreement with Københavns Kommunes Erhvervshus to help lower unemployment in the municipality. This means that all communication goes through Københavns Kommunes Erhvervshus, and that we do not process inquiries from private individuals, job centers and other actors.

Primary school trainees

Tivoli accepts a limited number of primary school trainees. Write in your application whether you want to do an internship as a gardener, automation technician, operator, carpenter or electrician.