Special events

The Gardens could be yours for the day

Did you know that it is possible to let Tivoli for private events outside the season?

Most recently, a large international company used sections of the gardens for their good bye party, where 2,000 international guests were invited for an exciting event with good food and festive entertainment.

A giant, heated tent, measuring 1.500 square meters was put up in the center of the Gardens where the guests could enjoy a delicious buffet with hot and cold dishes. Three separate restaurants were also opened for this special event.

Five different rides were open along with a number of booths selling popcorn, hot cocoa, mini burgers, hot soup and hot dog's, The gardens were illuminated by the iconic Tivoli lights from the tree tops and the rides and booths ensured that the event became a genuine Tivoli experience.

Later DJ's and various bands were booked and the party continued until the evening drew to a close .

We are ready to customize any event for your pleasure, so please contact us on +45 33 75 02 47 or bookrestaurant@tivoli.dk