ROKS Pop-up

Enjoy another top gastronomic experience at Michelin level, when ROKS from the Faroe Islands opens in the Japanese Pagoda.

Tivoli are thrilled to continue our high end collaborations in the Japanese Pagoda with some of the best gastronomic endeavours from around the world. Please welcome head chef Poul Andrias Ziskas from the Faroese Michelin-starred restaurant KOKS and head chef Mantas Vaidelis from their sister restaurant ROKS when they join us in the gardens for a very special dining experience.

The Faroe Islands are well known for their abundance of fresh fish and shellfish such as scallops, horse clams, mole oysters, crabs, sea urchins and spiny lobsters, which are pulled directly from the ice cold Atlantic. 

Don't miss out on the possibility of sampling world class cuisine from our northern neighbours when ROKS presents fresh fish and shellfish delivered directly from the Faroe Islands. Book your table now in the Japanese Pagoda from 13 October - 5 November.

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Price level Over 175 DKK
Category Gourmet
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