Join the Guard

We hold auditions every June, and we need about the same number of children as those who are leaving. That means about 15-20 children a year. The Tivoli Youth Guard includes children from very diverse social and ethnic backgrounds – and from 2015, we will also start accepting girls! 

There are always more applicants than we have room for, so if you don’t get in it’s no failure on your part. But it’s a feather in your cap if you do.

Press the plus to learn more about the application process.

At the audition, we will find out if you have music and rhythm inside you, and if you can walk nicely, fit our uniforms, and are smart and sensible – and if your parents are completely sure they know what it means to have a child in the Tivoli Boys Guard.

The audition lasts 10 minutes, and if you already play an instrument we would love to hear you play a short piece or sing a song. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone on +45 33 75 04 55.