Booking of the Tivoli Youth Guard

As one of the few parts of Tivoli that you can experience elsewhere The Tivoli Youth Guard occasionally performs outside the Gardens and you can book the Guard to spread a boost of joy and Tivoli atmosphere to your event: conference, dinner, inauguration etc.

The Guard can perform with all 90 guards in the grand parade or with only two guards as honorary posts at an entrance, and we have musical ensembles in a variety of sizes that can perform while marching, standing or sitting as it suits the occasion. 

The uniform is internationally famous with the bear skin hats and the bright red jackets. A true icon of much of what Tivoli and Denmark stands for:  kingdom, tradition, music, youth, fairy tale, joy, quality, talent – and celebration! 

Please find more information in the PDF. Booking in Danish or English or write an email to