Tivoli celebrates

Come and join the celebration when Tivoli opens its doors to this year's age-old special occasions. Throughout the year, the Garden provides the festive setting for Father's Day, Midsummer Eve, the national days of the USA and France - the 4th of July and Bastille Day and many more. We would very much like to celebrate these events with you.

This year's special occasions will be even more festive when we meet and celebrate them together in Tivoli. Some of the events have a long tradition in the Gardens, while others will make their debut this year. 

At Tivoli, we love to decorate and create experiences that our guests will remember for a long time. That is why we work with the most talented artists and suppliers on every celebration day to create the perfect magic. 

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Tivoli Celebrates

Father's Day

We bet your father is the coolest guy in the world. Without a dounbt. That's why you ought to invite him to Tivoli Gardens and enjoy his company.

Come and celebrate your father with us at Tivoli Gardens on 5 June.

Tivoli celebrates


Tivoli welcomes the longest day of summer with entertainment, fantastic food, and plenty of great music, a bonfire by the Tivoli Lake, and more.

Tivoli celebrates Midsummer on 23 June.

Tivoli celebrates

4th of July

The United States has always inspired, enthused and entertained, and Tivoli will be celebrating the American Independence Day in true American style. You can look forward to beautiful American cars, great American themed menus at our restuarants

Tivoli celebrates Independence Day 4 July.

Tivoli celebrates

Bastille Day

Join us as we celebrate France with all the good things from our neighbour to the south. Experience the Tivoli pétanque tournament where all guests can participate, the best of French gastronomy and wine, and much more.

Tivoli celebrates the national day of France (Bastille Day) on 14 July.

A celebration of

Tivoli´s anniversary

Join us as we celebrate our 179th birthday. Experience a festive parade by the Tivoli Youth Guard,  modern dance at the Peacock Theatre, grand fireworks display, classical concert in the Concert Hall, and much more.

Tivoli celebrates our anniversary on 15 August.