Tivoli Ballet School's Spring Gala

Welcome to an enchanting afternoon with Tivoli Ballet School's magical Spring Gala! This grand event is a heartwarming celebration of the ballet school's exceptional students and their captivating performances.

May 11

The Tivoli Concert Hall

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The performance takes us on an adventurous journey through the wondrous world of ballet, where each dance tells a unique story, and bears witness to the students' hard work.

We have carefully selected various divertissements that not only entertain but are also closely aligned with the ballet school's educational goals. This ensures not only a visual feast for the audience but also a profound learning experience for our talented students.

Behind this event lies the desire to give our dedicated students the opportunity to showcase their art. For us, training in the studio is not just technical preparation but a journey towards this moment where we can present our hard-earned art on stage. It represents the culmination of weekly rehearsals, sweat-drenched classes, and a constant pursuit of something higher.

Join us on this journey and warmly welcome our students who, for the first time in Tivoli Ballet School's history, are performing what will hopefully become a tradition.

Tivoli Ballet School's Spring Gala is a performance that not only celebrates the beauty of ballet but also the collaboration and community that make it possible.


May 11
200.00 DKK ​Tivoli entrance included (Service fee included)

Tivoli Ballet School

Welcome to Tivoli Ballet School - an institution built on strong foundational values and a deep grounding in the history of the art of ballet.

Our school is not just a place for dance, but a home for passion, development, and community. We believe that every step, every movement, has the potential to express beauty and convey a story. Our foundation is built on respect, dedication, and love for art.

The story behind Tivoli Ballet School is a journey filled with commitment and devotion. We have grown from being a small ballet school to becoming a place where talent flourishes, and the dream of dance becomes reality. Over the years, our students have not only learned the technique behind ballet but also incorporated the essence of discipline and creativity.

Welcome to our school, where passion for dance and respect for the art come together in a unique and inspiring journey.

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Practical information

Your ballet visit

The Tivoli Concert Hall

Entrance to Tivoli
The ticket gives access to Tivoli on the day of the performance throughout Tivoli's opening hours.

Opening hours in The Tivoli Concert Hall
The doors opens 1 hour before the start of the show.

Expected showtime
The duration of the performance will be updated later.

Age recommendation
All children are different, and we recommend that parents assess individually whether the story and theme of the show is appropriate for their children. There is no access to the performances for children under the age of 3.

Staffed wardrobe.

Pre-order the performance program

You can pre-order the program together with your ticket, which is full of inspiration, extra material and great photos etc. The program is handed out on the day of the performance, and can be taken home as a souvenir from the performance.


Experience dancing in Tivoli

The bars of the Tivoli Concert Hall are open before the performance and during the breaks. Drinks can be pre-ordered for the breaks before the start of the performance.

Tivoli is located by Rådhuspladsen and Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård). Find more information about public transport here, or plan your trip with Rejseplanen.dk. If  you arrive to Tivoli by car and have a Tivoli Card you can get a discount on parking. For parking see here.

Tivoli Box Office
Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V.
Phone: 33 15 10 01