Crazy Christmas - The House of Uhygge

It’s dead funny! It’s fang-tastic and oozing with biting satire!

From Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Glass Hall Theatre

For 40 years Vivienne McKee and her team of talented comedy actors have entertained you with their crazy antics, and this year they present a story of hilarious horror which will make you die laughing!

In a remote part of Scotland, lies a creepy castle once owned by Dr Frankenstein, today his great grandson, Dr Robert Jekyll, uses it to pursue his dangerous experiments in separating the good from the evil in the human psyche.

“The House of Uhygge” will send shivers of fear and laughter rattling down your spines. There is nothing like a good SCREEEAM and the reflex burst of laughter which follows it.

So if you like to be shaken up and scared out of your wits then “THE HOUSE OF UHYGGE “ will give you lots to scream about - and, don’t worry, if you die laughing, we‘ll give you your money back!

The Crazy Christmas comedy team will take you on a nail-biting roller-coaster ride through the supernatural world of the greatest ghouls and ghastliest monster creations of all time, with its potent mix of sensational songs, silly slapstick, sexy sirens, dubious double entendres and daring dance numbers stirred up into a ghastly gruel of a crazy Gothic Horror Show.

Vivienne McKee
David Bateson
Andrew Jeffers
Katrine Falkenberg
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy
Sebastian Harris
Claus de Lichtenberg

Stuart Goodstein
Søren B. Petersen
Tom Højlund

Forestillingen varer 2 1/2 time inkl. pause