Dance show and art talk with Dansk Danseteater

Monday, August 24, 2020

The Tivoli Concert Hall

A thoughtful encounter between dancers and artificial intelligence 24 August at 17.00 & 19.30 in the Concert Hall

Tivoli presents a completely unique special screening of the Danish Dance Theater’s new performance Kentaur combined with an art talk featuring Cecilie Falkenstrøm, award-winning artist working within artificial intelligence, and choreographer Pontus Lidberg. The conversation will be moderated by Peter Bo Bendixen, ballet director at Tivoli. The performance will world premiere in Italy on September 3, 2020.

Artificial intelligence as co-creator and co-player. In the performance, a meeting arises between Pontus Lidberg's poetic dance universe and a newly developed artificial intelligence (AI). The artificial intelligence, called David, is specially programmed for the performance and will interact live with the dancers on stage. It will affect the creation of the work in different ways and has been fed with data on the great Greek tragedies, from which it can develop completely new plots. This means that the performances will be different from time to time. David will come up with proposals for choreographic composition formed from several different datasets, including planetary movements, flying formations of birds and not least input collected from the movement of the dancers wearing sensors. At the same time, David is also a character in the performance itself able to simulate conscience, feelings and intentions.

Human vs. Machine Modern technology is ubiquitous in our society and is both a highly topical theme and an active part of the story. We are daily exposed to ads on our social media feed, where targeted algorithms create tailormade content specifically to us. For choreographer Pontus Lidberg, it is vital that dance deals with topics of the present and the future, and artificial intelligence has undoubtedly come to stay. The performance begs the question of whether artificial intelligence in the future will be able to abuse us? And what consequences it will have for us as humans. Will it require us to evolve into a hybrid - a centaur?

The performance premieres at the Festival Oriente Occidente in Italy in early September 2020. Duration: Approx one hour.