Tuile Workshop with Rebecca Siri Purcell

Master delicate decorative cookies with a talented dessert chef.

May 24

At 14:30

Plænen - The Open Air Stage front

Join Rebecca Siri Purcell, the talented dessert chef from Michelin-starred Søllerød Kro, in the Communal Tent by the Open-Air Stage. Learn the secrets behind tuiles – those beautifully crisp cookies crafted into whimsical leaves, corals, and spirals. 

Discover the techniques behind tuile creation and decoration under Rebecca's expert guidance. Elevate your own baking with these elegant additions!

The event will take place in the Communal Tent in front of The Open-Air Stage.

NOTE: This is a drop-in event, so all curious foodies are welcome! Stop by for inspiration and tastings while supplies last. Participation is free. 


May 24
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli