HTH Live Kitchen with Michael Museth

Artisanal charcuterie at its finest

Monday, May 20, 2024

At 15:00

The Orangery

Discover the art of charcuterie with Michael Museth. This skilled butcher-turned-entrepreneur will share his passion for handcrafted charcuterie, showcasing mouth-watering creations paired with seasonal greens and delicious accompaniments.

Learn about the importance of craftsmanship and seasonality as Michael shares tips and tricks for creating your own charcuterie delights. Since founding Folkets Madhus in 2013, a culinary hub in Copenhagen celebrating Danish produce and the butchery profession, Michael has expanded with his eatery shop Butcheria. He is also a familiar face on the Danish breakfast TV program "Go' morgen Danmark", inspiring viewers with classic and innovative dishes.