Spring Market featuring Lolland-Falster

Savour the flavours of Lolland-Falster, Denmark’s southern archipelago and fertile heartland.

May 23

At 11:00

The Gardens

During the Tivoli Food Festival, the Spring Market celebrates the extraordinary ingredients and passionate producers that give each Danish region its unique culinary identity.

Embark on a delicious journey through Denmark's diverse regional cuisine. Explore a vibrant array of local specialties, ready to sample on the spot or take home to savour.

Spring Market featuring Lolland-Falster
Discover its bounty at the Spring Market by the Open-Air Stage, where passionate local producers showcase their finest offerings: crisp apples, succulent cherries, world-class wine, award-winning beer, and premium cider.

Lolland-Falster’s rich soil yields exceptional produce. With every bite, you’ll taste the difference. Take home a piece of this unique flavour paradise.

Read more about Lolland-Falster here

Spring Market is open from 11.00 to 20.00.


May 23
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli