HTH Live Kitchen with FALK Bornholm

Discover the unique flavours of Denmark's smallest distillery

May 25

At 17:00

The Orangery

Join Line Falk in the HTH Live Kitchen for a journey into the world of FALK Bornholm's artisanal aquavits and liqueurs. Learn about their traditional methods, get inspired for creative cocktails, and enjoy samples of these exquisite spirits.

FALK Bornholm takes pride in being one of Denmark's smallest distilleries, with a limited production of 5,000 bottles per year. Their dedication to quality is evident in their hands-on approach, blending ancient traditions with a modern focus on sustainable, stress-free production. They embrace the seasons, sourcing berries, herbs, nuts, and fruits directly from the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Bornholm.


May 25
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli