HTH Live Kitchen with Gordon P. Henriksen from Fjordlandet

Garfish served as "Sol over Lejre"

Monday, May 20, 2024

At 13:00

The Orangery

Join Gordon P. Henriksen for a Culinary Wilderness Adventure. A familiar face from Danish TV, radio, and his popular YouTube series "UD" (“OUT”) about hunting, fishing, and cooking in Denmark's wild, Gordon will take you on a delicious journey of wild-sourced ingredients.

He will demonstrate two dishes from his book "Et liv i fisk": porter-steamed blue mussels and smoked garfish served as "Sol over Lejre" (inspired by a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich with smoked herring called “Sol over Gudhjem”).

Learn Gordon's insider tips for finding, harvesting, and preparing wild ingredients – whether over a campfire, in a small smoker, or in your own kitchen. There’ll be delicious tastings and ample time to ask Gordon your questions.

Fjordlandet is a picturesque area close to Copenhagen encompassing the towns of Roskilde, Lejre, and Frederikssund.