Spring Market with Funen and Kongens Fadebur

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

At 11:00

The Gardens

During the Tivoli Food Festival, the Spring Market celebrates the extraordinary ingredients and passionate producers that give each Danish region its unique culinary identity.

Embark on a delicious journey through Denmark's diverse regional cuisine. Explore a vibrant array of local specialties, ready to sample on the spot or take home to savour.

The island of Funen is bursting with high-quality ingredients and exciting artisanal producers. Now, you can explore a wide selection in Tivoli Gardens.

Nestled in the very centre of Denmark, Funen boasts a vibrant network of small local producers. Discover everything your heart desires – fruits, vegetables, beer, wine, coffee, juices, sweet treats, and more! Taste unique offerings and take the flavours home with you from the vibrant Spring Market by the Open-Air Stage.

Kongens Fadebur is a network of local producers based in the town of Nyborg, Funen. So, explore their stalls and be inspired by local ingredients rooted in local heritage.

Spring Market is open from 11.00-20.00