Children's Choir Days in Tivoli

Trills, tralalas and a real hullaballoo

From Saturday, April 27, 2024 - Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Gardens

This weekend we celebrate Children's Choir Days in Tivoli, so expect the Gardens to hum with the joyous singing of many talented children and young people. During the afternoons, Tivoli visitors will be able to hear children's choirs of all sizes and genres from all over the country.

The smaller choirs are coming together for a joint project, which will start the festival off in style on Saturday. Under the leadership of Anja Haven, this joint project gives the young singers an opportunity to experience a truly huge fellowship and sound, with around 250 choral singers taking to the stage and kicking off Children's Choir Days in Tivoli in style at 11.30 on Saturday.

This weekend the focus is on Denmark's youngest singers: our children's very own days of song. Smaller choirs will appear in the Orangery, and larger groups will perform on the Open Air Stage.