Sweet Treats with Ripe Bananas

Join Banana Cph in the fight against food waste.

May 25

At 12:00

Plænen - The Open Air Stage front

Bake a delicious cake using overripe bananas and learn how they turn surplus bananas into tasty treats. Stop by the Community Tent by the Open-Air Stage to hear their inspiring story and even sample their own delicious banana cakes.

Banana Cph's mission is simple: to reduce food waste and make the world a little sweeter. Bananas are among the most wasted foods – up to 40% are discarded by farmers and even more are thrown away by supermarkets due to appearance and shelf life. Banana Cph transforms these surplus fruits into delicious ice creams, cakes, and truffles – proving that fighting food waste can be delicious.

The event will take place in the Communal Tent in front of The Open-Air Stage.

NOTE: This is a drop-in event, so all curious foodies are welcome! Stop by for inspiration and tastings while supplies last. Participation is free.


May 25
Included in the admission fee to Tivoli