Æbleskiver Flambadou

Æbleskiver (Danish pancake balls) skilfully prepared by top chef Nicolai Tram

Sunday, May 19, 2024

At 17:00

Plænen - The Open Air Stage front

Experience a unique twist on a traditional Danish treat. Watch as acclaimed chef Nicolai Tram from the one-Michelin-starred restaurant Knystaforsen prepares black æbleskiver with gooseberries, finished with a spectacular flourish.

Using a flambadou, a vintage cooking tool resembling an inverted candle snuffer, he ignites burning beef tallow to flambé the dish – an old-fashioned technique that adds a touch of fiery drama.

The event will take place in the Communal Tent in front of The Open-Air Stage.

NOTE: This is a drop-in event, so all curious foodies are welcome! Stop by for inspiration and tastings while supplies last. Participation is free.