Rasmus Klump's Play Kitchen & Pancake Stand

Unleash your imagination in Rasmus Klump's Play Kitchen

From Saturday, May 13, 2023 - Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Gardens

In Rasmus Klump's Play Kitchen, the children can have fun with pots, pans, potatoes, carrots, and many other real and wooden vegetables. At small tables, the children can prepare and serve the most delicious imaginary dishes to those they know or perhaps to new little friends they meet in the kitchen. So come and play - only your imagination can set limits to what can be accomplished in the Play Kitchen.

To make sure, that all children have the same opportunities, we would like to ask you to leave things from the Play Kitchen there and not take them with you when you leave the kitchen.

If you get hungry from all the playing and food making, you can satisfy your hunger with Rasmus Klump's favourite dish: Pancakes. In Rasmus Klump's Pancake Stand you can buy the most delicious pancakes for both small and large hungry stomachs.

Aimed at children aged 2-7 years, but all are welcome.

Date (Play Kitchen): Saturday, May 13 – Sunday, May 21
Time (Play Kitchen): 11:00-18:00

Date (Pancake Stand): Saturday-Sunday, May 13-14 + Thursday-Sunday, May 18-21
Time (Pancake Stand): 11:00-18:00

Please note that the Pancake Stand is closed Monday 15 May - Wednesday 17 May.