MOTA Pop-up in the Japanese Pagoda

Exclusive Michelin dinner

From Saturday, May 13, 2023 - Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Gardens

Experience an exclusive Michelin dinner when restaurant MOTA has a pop-up in the Japanese Pagoda during the Tivoli Food Festival. During the first two days of the festival, head chef Claus Henriksen takes over the kitchen in the iconic pagoda and creates a thrilling 5-course menu that satisfies all senses.

Claus has put MOTA and the Danish region Odsherred on the gastronomic world map with his personal and locally rooted cuisine, and the restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2022. Through a long career at legendary restaurants such as Formel B, Søllerød Kro, NOMA and Dragsholm Castle, he has created his own style. His gastronomic visions are beautifully expressed at MOTA, based on the rich soil of Odsherred and the clear waters of Isefjorden.

Claus has lost his heart to Odsherred's local ingredients and small producers, and when MOTA visits the beautiful Japanese Pagoda, he will create some of his signature dishes that are inspired by the nature in Odsherred.

The menu is served for both lunch and dinner and includes 12 servings. Drinks can be purchased on the day.

Cold vegetable soup
Pancake with Danish seaweed
Deep-fried gigas-oysters
Sejrø fry dough with Nordic tempeh and sauce with smoked leek tops
Net-caught turbot and sauce with 7 herbs
Glazed catfish with spruce emulsion
Grilled white asparagus from Søren Wiuff with wild herbs
Julsø Maestro cheese with salted honey and buckwheat groats
Woodruff ice cream with sauce of lobster and chocolate
Sheep milk ice cream with cucumber, celery and water mint
"A piece" of MOTA
Sour candy

Date: Saturday-Sunday, May 13-14
Time: 12:00-13:30 + 18:00-20:00
Location: The Japanese Pagoda
Event tickets should be purchased in advance.
Price: DKK 1200
Please notice that the price does not include entrance fee to Tivoli.