Long Table Lunch with Traditional Danish Stew

Great stories, high spirits, and labskovs

Friday, May 19, 2023

At 12:00

The Gardens

Join us for a very special long table lunch at the iconic restaurant the Ditch, where we will enjoy the traditional Danish dish labskovs in high spirits.

The Ditch's restaurateur, Jacob Elkær, will entertain during the lunch with colourful tales and great stories from the restaurant’s more than 100-year old history. There is a guarantee for cheers, good laughs, and full stomachs when we sit together at the shared long tables in the restaurant's beautiful surroundings and enjoy each other’s company while the palate is satisfied, and the stomach is filled.

The Ditch's famous labskovs is made with lots of love and consists of potatoes, onions, bay leaves, and veal served with pickled beetroot, bread, and butter. The food is served in bowls which are shared at the table - and as always at the Ditch: it is ad libitum!

The price also includes 1 beer or soft drink of your choice. Snaps and other drinks can be purchased on site.

Date: Friday, May 19
Time: 12:00
Location: The Ditch
Event tickets should be purchased in advance. 
Price: DKK 225
Please notice that the price does not include entrance fee to Tivoli.